Ist der Text so richtig (Er ist auf Englisch)?

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Ich würde noch "Dear ladies and gentlemen" als Einleitung nehmen. Und vielleicht, wie Du von diesem Angebot erfahren hast und darauf aufmerksam geworden bist. So einne kleinen Anfangsteil, nicht direkt mit der Türe ins Haus fallen. :)
Keine short forms benutzen (anstatt "it's" besser "it is" verwenden)
Kein Komma vor because-Nebensätzen.
Anstatt immer "because" zu verwenden, mal was anderes, z.B. "therefore" oder "since".
Anstatt "giving presentations" wäre "holding presentations" besser.
Aber es ist eigentlich ganz gut, finde es persönlich ein wenig zu dick aufgetragen. Und das "I'm excited" am Ende würde ich weglassen und besser einen schönen Schluss machen :D
I would be happy to hear from you. Please feel free to contact me.
(dein Name)

Das I'm exited habe ich vollkommen vergessen zu löschen xd, jedenfalls vielen Herzlichen dank, werde deine Anmerkungen sofort in die Tat umsetzen, hat mir wirklich eine Menge geholfen ^^


Korrekturvorschläge (englisch)?

My favourite holiday destination is Australia, because I think that's a very interesting country and continent. If I travel to this country, I will visit the outback with its unique animals like the kangaroo or the redback spider.


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Letter of application: Ist dieser Satz sprachlich korrekt?

In today's issue of "The Times" you advertised the position of a "Management Assistant", I would like you to consider my application for.

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Ist meine englische Zimmerbeschreibung so in Ordnung?

Hallo (: Ich sollte mein Zimmer auf Englisch beschreiben, wie findet ihr die Beschreibung? Habt ihr verbesserungs-Vorschläge?

Hier der Text: *

When you open the door you can see a shelf with CD's on the right,next to the shelf is the bed, in front of the bed hangs the TV on the wall, under the TV is a desk with a computer and a chair. On my windowsill are flowers,The colour of my curtain is beige. In the right corner next to the window is a cupboard with school things in it, next to it is a little shelf with my parfume collection and jewelry.In the left corner of the room is another shelf with books in it.Near the shelf stands the couch, and next to the couch my warderobe. My furniture is white,my walls orange and the floor is dark laminated. *

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Kann mir das jemand übersetzen bitte?

It’s basically at the lowest point of a relationship—nothing specific in my life, but it just represents that feeling of like ‘I'ma just be dead honest with you about how horrible my life has been since we broke up, and I’m just letting you know how it’s going down’.

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englisch- two minute talk- my personal road ahead

Hallo meine Lieben! Ich muss am Mittwoch eine mündliche prüfung über das thema zukunft wie auch bewerbung machen. nun muss ich einen two minute talk über das thema my road ahead machen und wollte wissen was ihr so von dem haltet und ob ihr verbesserungsvorschläge habt :)

Today I’d like to talk about my road ahead so I will tell you, how I’m looking toward to my future. I’ve chosen this topic because, in my opinion, it’s important to think about this and to get clear what I really want to reach and how I imagine my future. I’d like to divide my talk into 4 parts and now, in my first part I want to take a look at my left school time so I will tell you what I want to reach in the left 3 and a half years of school. In this time, I want to get good marks respectively plenty of points during my A-Level with the aspiration getting a lot of acceptances for study places, what brings me very quickly to my second part, where I want you to tell something about my study period, so for example where I want to live during this time. I’m looking forward studying marketing management as a dual study in Düsseldorf because I’m interested in this field of publicity. I decided to live in Düsseldorf because I love this city and the other reason is that I’m near to my family. Then, with a good friend, I decide to live together in a flat share because it isn’t as much as expensive if you’re living in a big flat alone. After my study time I want to work as a marketing manager what brings me to my third part where I want you to tell something about my work aims and how I imagine my hopefully job. As a marketing manager you have to know how to sell products like shoes, dresses or cars and you have to make these products attractive for the costumers. All in all you can say about this job, that you have to promote for different kinds of products. It is important to mention, that I want to live abroad in big cities, let me give you some examples, like Paris or New York City because I’m in love with them. I expect from the job that it is a diversity and also creative job. And my last point is about my personal aims, so if I want to get a family or for example an animal. And this both questions I can answer with the statement yes, because it is my biggest dream getting a family with an attractive man next to me and two children, equal if this will be boys, girls or both. I also want to get a little teacup pig because they’re very cute. I’d like to finish my presentation by summarizing that I want to be a successful worker and a good mum with a lot of aims and that I want to live abroad. That brings me to the end of my presentation, thanks for listening.

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Schule Englisch? Text? Ist das so richtig? Habe ich fehler?

Homework English

I have got problems with my parents too. I m not allowed to do anything. My mum and my dad are strict. My parents doesnt give me my mobile phone because I had a badly i the english test. I am not allowed to play with any technical things.

I thing it us really unfair. I have to go bed at 9 clock and dont watch tv after 9 clock.

Its really uncool dont like it.

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