Ist der english text für ein referat gut also von satzbau ergeben die sätze sinn keine rechtschreibung nur satzbau und wenn der text sinn macht danke im voraus?

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Viele typisch deutsche Fehler, die ich nicht alle korrigieren kann und will.  Hier einige der erforderlichen Berichtigungen:

The USA (The United States of America) consists of 50 states. PUNKT. Including Hawaii and Alaska its population is about 300 million on an area of about 9.8 m (million) square kilometers.

The capital of the USA ist Washington DC, "DC" standing for "District of Columbia", a special district which does not belong to any US state. 


The Constitution has existed since...


Alaska has been a US state since 1959. .. the capital Juneau..

In Alaska you find the highest mountain of the USA , Mount Mc Kinley, now usually and officially called Denali).

Hier gehts weiter 


The national Sports of the USA is American Football(NFL), Baseball(MLB), Basketball(NBA) and Hockey(NHL). The national teams of the United States in These Sports are reagular contenders for a title win. The most visited event in this sport is the Super Bowl it is the final of the National Football Leauge.It takes place Usually on The first Sunday in February.The Super bowl is one of the World's largest single-sport events and in the Usa they achieved every year the Highest television ratings ever. The game was broadcast live by NBC. A 30 seconds Commercial cost 3 million U.S. dollars. The NBC took more than 200 million. The winner of this year was pittsburgh Steelers they won 27:23 vs. Arizona Cardinals.

National parks

The national parks of America are the endless treasures of the Nature, because everyone of them is unique. The national park's history Amrica's history. The first national park on earth was the yellowstone national park, which was founded in 1872 and in the meantime is the biggest Parksystem in the world. Even in majestic country as American they cause Wondrousness again and again with their beauty and variety. Meanwhile vistitors come from all countries in the world.The national parks aren't considered museums, but as recreation for the body and the soul.

Sind mehrere Grammatik und Formulierungsfehler drin Beispiel 

los angels is because its nice climate the Centre of the film- and Tv industry. 

Los Angeles is the centre of the film and tv industry because of the nice weather/climate . So wäre der Satz richtig

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