Ist das richtiges Englisch (Englischaufsatz)?

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"For" kann in dem Zusammenhang als Konjunktion verwendet werden, jedoch klingt es manchmal, in dem Sinne gemeint, etwas formeller und poetischer, da es heutzutage im Gegensatz zu früher viel seltener als ein Synonym zu "because" verwendet wird, aber es ist auf jeden Fall richtig.

"As can be seen" ist ein feststehender Ausdruck, der geläufig ist, also brauchst du dir auch da keine Sorgen zu machen.

Viel Glück!

For und as sind hier ok, bezeugen sogar fortgeschrittene Language Skills.

Das "Europeans" bitte groß, wenn es auch für "Africans" gilt.

So, die Professorin stört es nicht ... Dann ist ja alles gut ...

Nein, nicht wirklich.

Flooding a functional Society ...

Language, User !

And what the hell are "unnatural roles for men and women"?

Abgesehen vom mehr oder weniger rassistischen Inhalt Deines Textes:



are still ist besser als still are..


hatred, segegation, increasing crime rates, unhappiness, and even mental illness, as ... (Kommas fehlen)

Ein Englischer Text über rassismus

Hey, Liebe GT Communitie ^^ Ich habe in der Schule die Aufgabe bekommen einen Englischen Text über Rassismus zu schreiben. Ich bin mir nicht ganz sicher ob er mir gelungen ist. Und möchte keine Fehler begehen immerhin stehe ich gerade auf einer schlechten Note. Erbarmt sich jemand diesen zu kontrollieren??? Ober er okay ist oder so.

Racism is an evil that can destroy society. The definition of racism is for example when a person, a group, not accepted because of their skin color, their religion, their sex and their origin. Austria is a nation of immigrants and, as such, it is a diverse society where racism and prejudice have no place. Racism hurts people. I myself never became actually really a discriminated. But that’s only me. The new one will be always looked with mistrust. This true lies in the nature of the Humans. In society today, people look for an easy way out of problems. Most of the time, they can just blame their problems on other people or other races. When people behave in this prejudiced way, they just make themselves seem ignorant. I think that if people could see beyond ethnic origin, racism would not be a problem.

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Ist diese Kette gefälscht?

Ich finde im Internet keine andere die so aussieht wie diese.. Link:

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Was meint er damit? (Englisch)?

Hallo, eine Freundin fragt mich, was ihr Handelspartner damit meint: „ You can pay for today's own so that it were remain before own!“
Auf die Frage ob sie später bezahlen kann.

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Englisch text über Beruf als elektriker korriegieren?

In the following I´m going to describe the job as an electrician. For the job as an electrician you need good math skills as well as logical reasoning. Among the tasks belong for example the set of cables, to change switches, to install sockets, to mount lamps, to maintains equipment and find the fault. The aids you have to have for the job are a multimeter, it´s an instrument which measures electrical current as well as a duspol, a folding rule, a screwdriver, protective clothing and a pencil. Dangers are that you can get a electric shock and you can become blind when a spark jump in your eye.

habt ihr noch Verbesserungen für mich bzw was kann ich noch hinzufügen?

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Brauche eure Hilfe in English, da ich einen Text über teenage millionaire geschrieben habe?

könntet ihr meinen Text kontrollieren denn ich geschrieben habe und mich versuche zu verbessern und würde mich über eure Hilfe sehr freuen und bedanke mich schon im Voraus.

Today I will speak about teenage millionaire?

Can a teenager takeover the full responsibility for the whole money? First, the money makes you addicted after a while and then you try to buy everything that you like, but this can lead to the fact that you get into debt and do not come out anymore and have bought the money for unnecessary things like drugs or things you again economical. 

Another aspect is that one has no real friends because of any money, but fake friends who stand behind the money and are not interested in you and want to profit only from you. It is nice to be rich because one can afford the things which one wanted long. A study suggests that this makes you addicted and no more can stop.

They also help friends who cannot afford things which so desire and there are not all greedy for money. I mean, of course, you can buy everything that you can buy that doesn´t make you always happy. I don't like rich kids because they are selfish. 

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English Article: Generation Z

Guten Abend liebe Community!

Ich musste in Englisch einen kurzen Artikel (ca. 250 Wörter) schreiben und habe jetzt auf die schnelle einen verfasst. Bin mir jetzt aber nicht wirklich sicher, ob der auch so halbwegs in Ordnung ist. Passenden Titel hab ich noch keinen gefunden. Habe mich manchmal ziemlich schwer getan, auch mit Wörterbuch, die richtigen Phrasen und Wörter zu finden. Die Lehrerin sagte, wir sollen den Aufsatz versuchen möglichst informell zu schreiben um die Leserschaft zu erreichen. Bitte um schnelles Feedback. Vielen Dank!


What about the youth of today? Are we lazy as adults are always telling us or has our generation no hopes for future? Some of our parents do not understand our situation and worries. The matriculation is one of our great fears what generation ‘grey hair’, honestly, doesn’t really understand. As the school is not challenging enough, we have to cope with familiar, social and other difficulties and for some of us it is even worse.

A difficult family background or to be socially excluded are problems we might have to face in our life. To be in trouble with your parents, to lose a best friend can beat you to your knees and take your self-confidence and perspective. No success instead of stress can make you powerless without any ambitions. It is true that we have big opportunities compared to the older generations, but the fear of failure is often bigger. Even though our doors are always open to any occupation we want to do, it can be quite hard under achieving-pressure.

This is why it is so important to find ways how to support today’s youth and to prevent adolescents from a social decline or from becoming a NEET. Schools could organize projects in which students get some advice about their future plans. Advisers could be invited to help students and encourage them to pursue their ambitions. Especially a conversation between teacher and student can be very helpful. Of course, it’s a matter of will and confidence, but support is better than picking on the bad sides of our generation.

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