Interpretation/Bedeutung von "the only way to have something forever is to lose it"?

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Sehr oft gehen wir mit dem was wir haben sehr gleichgültig um. Das gilt für Gegenstände, leider auch für Freundschaften und Beziehungen. Wir haben diese in Besitz, sondern nicht im Bewusstsein. Wenn diese Sachen oder Beziehungen uns weggenommen werden, sind diese nicht mehr im Besitz, aber dauernd im Bewusstsein: Erst dann beschäftigen wir uns damit.

Es gibt einen schönen Satz, der in einer ähnlichen Richtung zielt:

Wenn Dir etwas genommen wird, was Dir lieb und teuer war: Lass es gehen! Es kehrt zu Dir zurück, und wenn nicht, dann hast Du ees nie richtig besessen.

Ich glaube, es ist nicht ganz irrelevant, dass hier der vielleicht wichtigste norwegische Dramatiker Henrik Ibsen Pate stand: "Evig eies kun det tapte." - wrtl.: Ewig besessen wird nur das Verlorene, aus dem Stück "Brand" von 1866. Intertextualität sagen wir gern dazu, und ein bisschen literaturwissenschaftliche Bildung über den Teenieserien-Tellerrand hinaus schadet natürlich nie. Vielleicht erschließt sich dir ein neuer Interpretationsansatz, wenn du mal einen Blick auf das Stück wirfst: Leider hab ich das selbst nicht gelesen, aber ich finde den Hintergrund interessant. Was meinst du?

Richtig übersetzt?"Der beste Weg, einen Freund zu haben ist der, selbst einer zu sein." "The best way to have a friend is him to be even one."?

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Was hätte ich bei dieser englisch Analyse besser machen können?

At central age it might happen that a teenager want to go for example to the USA for a gab year. But is it right that being abroad can change your knowledge about the host country and the competence in the target language? By way of introduction it is important to say that this analyse based on the report 'Memories from Reitlingen' by Emma Brighton from the website of UK-German Connection. Going abroad is a good opportunity to learn something about the foreign country that you will never learn in another way. You can change your knowledge about the host country like Emma. She write in her blog that the houses were very big. 'Giant basement' line 5. Moreover to make a gab year can show what is going on at school there. You only find out whether the students there wear school uniforms if you see it with your own eyes. Emma talks about it in her block. She also write that the Students at German schools have 'more freedom', line 23 because they can leave the school if they don't have lessons because 'lessons is cancelled rather than taken by a cover teacher' line 25. Going abroad can help you every day to learn more about the language. If you listen to other people if they are talking, you can learn more about the colloquial and you can pick up useful words. Emma sees this likewise in line 12. To go at school in a foreign country can help you to find new friends and if you have friends you see something about her hobbies and interests. For example Emma goes with her friends to the German 'Freibad' and was absolutely ´surprise because she don't know before that in Germany is something like this, line 29 until 36. In conclusion it is important to say that going abroad is a good chance to know more about the host country. By way of friends and sometimes also if you watch TV you can learn more about your target language. In this context you get experiences if you go abroad.

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Hi, kann jemand eventuell den Text über "death penalty" korrigieren? Vielen Dank im Voraus.?

Hello, today I would like to tell you something about the death penalty wich still exists in some parts of the world. It´s for murderers or people who have comitted other bad crimes. In the following text I would discuss the arguments about the death penalty. Relating to this I would like to explain my opinion.

On the one hand, I think it´s a fair punishment for rapits. They rape others and damage the life of the victims. As a punishment they only get arrested for some years, which is too mild. Another argumet for the death penalty is that it scares people off.

On the other hand, it´s irreversible. That means it´s possible that you kill the wrong person. If you realize that it was the wrong person, you´re not able to do anything.

In my opinion, the death penalty is not a solution. A person who is sentenced to death has taken a life but the answer should not be another death. Everyone should have a chance to improve their mistakes and make up for them.

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Hallo, ich habe am Dienstag meine mündliche Prüfung und wollte mal fragen ob hier jemand vielleicht meinen Text kontrollieren kann?

Today I want tell you something about Holidays. Personally when i get older I don't like travel to other countries because i'm so far away from my friends and i'm afraid to missing out important things. Anyway I travel with my family to different countries, in early life i travel to the Netherlands on a camping ground i can't tell anything about the trip because I can't remember. At the age of 6 i was in Turkey with my hole family, we were in Antalya we stay for 2 weeks. That was a nice time for me and everyone was happy. The hotel was so nice and we had such a great time together. There are so funny memories for example I was afraid of a taxi and we must drive with it to came to the city and it was a party taxi and my mother was sitting next to me and i said "mom you can move closer to me" i said this because i was so afraid. The weather was nice it was very hot and because of this i can't eat so much i dont know why and when we go to the dinner i'm only eating 5 or 6 pieces of melon. That was such a great time. When i was 14 I travel for the second time to turky and we were in the same Hotel, i was with my uncle and my aunt and 2 friends from my uncle. That was a nice time too, but I have noticed that something isn't good, i miss my friends and after four days or so i want back home because they told me on Whatsapp so great things what they did and that sounds so funny. But all in all it was a great trip to turkey. At the age of 15 my mom asks me whether I want to go to Italy with her and her partner. And i must be honest I have advised 2 weeks and asks my friends would you travel to italy if you were me and they said Joyce why you are thinking about that? Yes of course i would travel.. At the end my desicion was yes and i must say that i had a great time in Italy.. We drive with a bike trough the city, we took part in a guided tour of the city Sienna. And we saw many sights for example the leaning tower of pisa. In the easter Holidays i will travel to the north sea with my family and my best friend Joan. And i'm very glad because Joan is with us. And in the Summer Holidays i will travel to turkey with my mother and her partner, i hope we have a great time and i wont miss my friends so hardly. For me the best holidays were the summer holidays because you mustn't think on school and the wheather is actually nice. And when i dont travel to other countries i'm only on the way with my friends. We go swimming, or make a picnic sometimes we camping in the garden. All in all i can say that i love holidays.

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Was bedeutet diese Aussage/ Übersetzung?

You are only human you don't need it to have it together every Minute of every day

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Wie interpretiert ihr dieses Zitat? Ray Bradbury

Wie interpretiert ihr das Zitat " sometimes you just have to jump out the window and grow wings on the way down" Also "manchmal musst du nur aus dem Fenster springen und dir auf dem weg nach unten Flügel wachsen lassen"? Das Zitat ist von Ray Bradbury

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