Instagramm, English DM? Was ist das?

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  • DM = Direct Message


DM = Direkt Message - also per den "Direktchat", wo du nicht Bilder an alle deine Follower schickst/postest, sondern einen Chat mit einer einzelnen Person oder mehreren öffnest. Wie du darauf kommst? 1) Auf der Startseite, also da wo du alle Bilder siehst, die Leute, denen du folgst, gepostet haben, ist oben rechts in der Ecke ein kleiner Ordner, da klickst du drauf und dann kommst du in das Menü der "Direkt - Nachrichten". 2) Falls das nicht der Fall sein sollte, hast du auch, wenn du ein Bild postest und dann, wenn du auch den Text für das Bild eingeben kannst, die Möglichkeit, anstatt das an alle zu schicken, es nur an bestimmte Leute zu schicken. Dazu gehst du oben wo Abonnenten steht, einfach auf "Direkt" Vllt. wusstest du das schon, ich wollte das nur mal so gesagt haben :) LG

Was heißt DM? nicht bei Twitter!

was heißt DM?

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Sätze mit used to....?

hey könnt ihr mir ein paar sätze mit "used to" und "didn't use to" sagen ??


" I used to listen to music on my CD player, but now I only listen to my mp3 player."

"I didn't use to like healty food, but now I think it's OK."

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Kann jemand sich meinen Englisch Text einmal ansehen und ggf. korrigieren?

I think it's very nice to speak two languages. How long are your parents are in California and why they live here? My mum is from another country too. She only wants to work here and then she wants to go back to Poland but now she's living here. How long your parents learned the language my mom need two years. now she can English German Polish but she's never taught me Polish. You say, that you found it important to learn things about the country you live but isn't it interesting to learn things about Chinese? I found it very interesting to learn things about our cultures, languages and countries. Other countries are very interesting. I learn Swedish for me. I really like this country although I never was there. Do you want to live in the US or do you want live later in another country. I hope you are going to answered me.

Danke im Voraus! 🙏🏼(Ich weiß, dass mein Englisch sehr schlecht ist.)

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Face to face essence Palette?

Ich habe heute bei DM die Palette gesehen und wollte was da drinne ist. Also da ist ja Highliter aber die untere Reihe ist glaube ich etwas anderes aber ich weiß nicht was. Kann mir jemand helfen?

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Seltsame Frage aber was heißt es wenn ich auf Twitter etwas DM soll?

Es wurde von einem englischen Kanal geschrieben ( DM us... ) und ich weiß n8ch was diese Abkürzung bedeutet

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Kurzbewerbung; Motivationsschrieben für southern Cross Schüleraustausch ok?

Also ich will mich mit einer Kurzbewerbung bei Southern Cross anmelden und dafür musste ich einen englischen Motivationsbrief schreiben, warum ich weg will und so weiter... wär super wenn ihr ihn mal überfliegen könntet und sagen könntet ib der ok ist? Danke schon mal im Voraus !

Dear Southern Cross team,

My name is _____and in two weeks is my 14th birthday. But in 2018 I would like to celebrate it in Australia.

I´ve thought about if I want to do an exchange a lot and after a one week trip to England where I lived in a host family too, I was sure that I want to do it. I don´t really know how to write this letter without sounding boastful or anything but I think all I can do is to say what I think:

I haven´t got any problem with adjusting other cultures or habits. I mean I don´t yet know the Australian culture, but I haven´t got any problems with things I experienced here in Germany so far. Normaly I´m a confident person, but in a completely new land and school? Well I don´t know how it will be so far away from home and my usual life but on the other hand that´s why I want to do the exchange year. I want to get to know a new culture with new habits and lifestyles. And I hope to find some international friends too. One of my strengths also is that I can get used to circumstances I didn´t like right from the beginning. Sure, that´s all how it works here I Germany and it could be that in Australia everything is different. However I think it´s only human to be a bit afraid of such a big adventure.

There are plenty reasons why I still want to go, even if I´m afraid: For example, as mentioned before, that I want to meet new people and get to know life in a different country. School is another reason. Not only school in Australia, where I hope to be able to study subjects like Surfing or Outdoor Education (I mean how amazing would that be?), but also school in Germany. At my secondary school which is a Gymnasium, I have bilingual English lessons and I´d like to improve my English even further, to do my bilingual A-level and maybe even to study abroad. And apart from these “serious “ reasons , there are just so many opportunities I don´t want to miss. I´ll get the chance for an exchange only one time in my life and I don´t want to sit in class next year thinking “Oh, you could be in Australia now.” When I started to think about doing an exchange, Australia was in my mind right from the start. It has always been my dream designation with its beautiful rainforests, beaches and also the Outback. Sure when I´m there I hope to see as much as possible of the country. Here in Germany I did artistic Gymnastics for 8 and Volleyball for 4 years but maybe there is something that fits better to me.

I really look forward to meet you in person. With best regards, _____

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