Indirect speech wann ändert sich die Zeit nicht?

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steht das Verb im Einleitungssatz im Present, Present Perfect oder Future (say, tell, remark, explain ... ) ändern sich die Zeiten nicht.

Beispiel :

She says , "I speak English". - She says that she speaks English.

Steht das Verb im Einleitungssatz im Past Tense (said, told, remarked, explained ...)

ändern sich die Zeiten wie folgt:

- aus present tense wird past tense

- aus past tense wird past perfect tense

- aus present perfect tense wird past perfect tense

- past perfect tense bleibt past perfect tense

- aus future wird conditional: would + verb

Weitere Änderungen :

- I, we, my, our zu 3. Person

- here zu there

- now zu then

- this / these zu that / those

- today zu that day

- tonight zu that night

- yesterday zu the day before

- the day before yesterday zu two days before

- tomorrow zu the next/the following day

- the day after tomorrow zu in two days’ time

- last week/month/year zu the week/mo/yr before oder the previous week/mo/yr

- a year ago zu a year before/the previous y

- next week/month/year zu the following week/m/y

Folgende Verben verändern sich normalerweise nicht :

would, should, ought to, mustn't, might, had better (lieber sollen )

could bleibt could oder was, were able to oder had been able to oder would be able to (für Zukunft)

must bleibt must oder had to would have to (für Zukunft)

If-Sätze Type II - keine Änderung der Zeiten

Beispiel : He said, 'If I were healthier, I would go skiing.' - He said that if he were healthier, he would go skiing.

Werden Tatsachen berichtet, ändern sich die Zeiten nicht.

Beispiel : She said , 'The Seine flows through Paris.' (Tatsache, Fakt) - She said that the Seine flows through Paris.

Fragen in der indirekten Rede :

- mit Fragewörtern: when, where, why, how long, how much, who, which, what …

Das Fragewort muss in der indirekten Frage wiederholt werden.

" Why didn’t you turn off the light?“ - Mum asked why I hadn’t turned off the light.

“Where did you buy your car?” - We wanted to know where I had bought my car.

- ohne ein Fragewort muss if oder whether (ob) benutzt werden.

„Are you hungry?“ - Mother wanted to know if/whether I was hungry.

- Fragen mit shall :

Mehrere Lösungen sind möglich, je nachdem was ausgedrückt werden soll.

„Where shall we be this time tomorrow?" - Mary wondered where we/they would be that time the following day. (… wo sie wohl sein würde(n))

„Where shall I park my car?“ - Ben wanted to know where he should park his car. (… wo er sein Auto parken sollte)

- Fragen mit will :

“Will you go by train?“ - She asked me if/whether I would go by train.

Befehle, Bitten, Aufforderungen in der indirekten Rede:

„Come to me, please.“ - She asked me to come to her. / She begged me to come to her.

“Keep away from this dog.” - He told me to keep away from that dog.

- negative Befehle

"Don't smoke, boys!” - He told the boys not to smoke.

“Don’t drink and drive!” - We were told not to drink and drive.

Die Grammatik und Übungen zur Reported Speech findest du auch im Internet, z.B. bei und

Ich hoffe, ich konnte dir helfen.

:-) AstridDerPu

Es ist egal, ob du eine Aussage oder eine Frage hast.

Dein letztes Beispiel widerspricht doch der Regel nicht. Das einleitende Verb war ja im Simple Past ( Sue asked ...)

Genau darauf kommt es an "in einem Buch".

Da rezensiert man etwas und nimmt grundsätzlich die Vergangenheitsform.


English Poem Analyse

Hi liebe community. Ich habe hier den größten Teil meiner Gedichtsanalyse. Habt ihr vielleicht Verbesserungsvorschläge ? Was könnte ich besser machen? Wo habe ich denn Fehler gemacht ? :) Vielen dank

the poem " Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan" by Monisa Alvi is about a young girl of mixed race. She fells English, but she is attracted to Pakistan. The young girl describes the gifts from her aunts in Pakistan. The girl finds the presents beautiful , but she doesn´t feel comfotable while she wears them. The text is written in a neutral English. The style is simple and clear. Moreover, the test consits mainly of short sentences. The poem is written in the first person. The girl is remembering her memories thats why it is written in the past. The fisr stanza starts very positive because the girl is happy of getting presents , but then she realizes that the clothing are unsually for her. She says ......, which means that she is pleases about the presents because the peacock stands for beauty. Furthermore, she uses the colour orange, which stand for optimism. I get from my homeland al lot of presents, which are beautiful. In verse six and seven there is written..... , which shows that she fells uncomfortable with these clothing. In additin, ......... depicts that she feels like she doesn't fit in the culture of her family. As i mentioned before, I get from my homeland a lot of presents, but I do not wear them because i can not identify myself withe clothes. The verse ............. showas zjaz sje jas a lack of freedom and maturity. The metaphor....... is meaningful and depicts how she does notz belong in these clothes. She feels like an outcast. She is not accustomed of wearing these clothing because she wears only British. The schoolfriend of the girl prefers to see her weekend clothes because her sakwar kameez did not impress her. This is a proof for the girl that the clothing from Pakistan don't impress people with other cultures. I have strangeful orbitals frommmy homeland, which are not so beautiful in the eyes of others. She admires the miniature glasswork quite often. She takes photios in the tiny mirrors, seeing broken images of herself evocative her identity crises, and mirrorinh the lack of her personality. She uses the word " costume" in oder to describe her feelings while she wears the clothes.v The girl was taken away from her native country a a very young age. She has no a lot of contact with her Pakastani bakcground. For example my brother was born in .... but after one year he and my cousin came to Germany.

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englisch- two minute talk- my personal road ahead

Hallo meine Lieben! Ich muss am Mittwoch eine mündliche prüfung über das thema zukunft wie auch bewerbung machen. nun muss ich einen two minute talk über das thema my road ahead machen und wollte wissen was ihr so von dem haltet und ob ihr verbesserungsvorschläge habt :)

Today I’d like to talk about my road ahead so I will tell you, how I’m looking toward to my future. I’ve chosen this topic because, in my opinion, it’s important to think about this and to get clear what I really want to reach and how I imagine my future. I’d like to divide my talk into 4 parts and now, in my first part I want to take a look at my left school time so I will tell you what I want to reach in the left 3 and a half years of school. In this time, I want to get good marks respectively plenty of points during my A-Level with the aspiration getting a lot of acceptances for study places, what brings me very quickly to my second part, where I want you to tell something about my study period, so for example where I want to live during this time. I’m looking forward studying marketing management as a dual study in Düsseldorf because I’m interested in this field of publicity. I decided to live in Düsseldorf because I love this city and the other reason is that I’m near to my family. Then, with a good friend, I decide to live together in a flat share because it isn’t as much as expensive if you’re living in a big flat alone. After my study time I want to work as a marketing manager what brings me to my third part where I want you to tell something about my work aims and how I imagine my hopefully job. As a marketing manager you have to know how to sell products like shoes, dresses or cars and you have to make these products attractive for the costumers. All in all you can say about this job, that you have to promote for different kinds of products. It is important to mention, that I want to live abroad in big cities, let me give you some examples, like Paris or New York City because I’m in love with them. I expect from the job that it is a diversity and also creative job. And my last point is about my personal aims, so if I want to get a family or for example an animal. And this both questions I can answer with the statement yes, because it is my biggest dream getting a family with an attractive man next to me and two children, equal if this will be boys, girls or both. I also want to get a little teacup pig because they’re very cute. I’d like to finish my presentation by summarizing that I want to be a successful worker and a good mum with a lot of aims and that I want to live abroad. That brings me to the end of my presentation, thanks for listening.

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Interpretation auf Englisch... Ist die hier ok? Könntet ihr die für mich korrigieren? :) Tipps?


The text „My best friend dumped me“ is written by Haylie. She is a girl from California. The text is telling about the end of the friendship between Samantha and Haylie. One day Samantha – Haylies best freind - had written a text message to Haylie, while Haylie was sitting at home, reading a magazine. Some time later, as Haylie read the message she was really shocked, because Samantha had written: „We can´t be friends anymore!“ At first Haylie didn´t know why she wanted to dump their friendship. She culdn´t understand it and was really confused and sad. She thought that she was a good friend to her and couldn´t understand why. She wrote back immediately and asked Samantha why she didn´t want to be her friend anymore... And then Samantha wrote a list to her with many reasons why. At first she was really mad, but after she calmed down, she could understand it. She had been very clingy and stuck like a glue on her... And she wished she could turn it back. She thought about why she was so clingy. She was so clingy, because she was scared to loose Samantha as her best friend. She was very popular at school since she was there as the new girl. Haylie had liked her right from the start, because she was friendly and down-to-earth. Haylie wished she hadn´t been as clingy as she was. But now it was really over. It was too late to change it. The next days she apologized and tried to tell Samantha why she was acting like this. But Samantha didn´t want to talk to her. She just ignored her. A few days later she talked tot her again. But now there was a wall between them. They were friends again. But no best freinds anymore. And she swore to be a better friend next time. She had learned from it and hopes, that other people also can learn from her mistakes. Her last sentece was: „Believe in my words, because it´s no fun being dumped by your best friend.“

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Englisch Referat Korrektur (Jennifer Lopez)

Ist dieser Text für mein Referat ok? (Korrektur, Grammatikalisch) Und wenn, was würdet Ihr hier bei diesem Text verändern? Ich bitte um Hilfe <3

Jennifer was born on July 24, 1969, in the Castle Hill section of the Bronx. Her father, David Lopez, was a computer technician. Her mother, Guadalupe Lopez, taught kindergarten. Jennifer is the middle of three daughters. Her elder sister, Leslie Lopez, is a housewife who sings opera. Her younger sister, Linda López (aka Lynda Lopez), is a DJ on New York's WKTU, a VH1 VJ, and a morning news show correspondent on New York's Channel 11. Jennifer's parents were born in Puerto Rico, but did not meet until both came to America. Her mother's parents were Europeans who settled in Puerto Rico. She says that it was her parents' work ethic that made a difference in her life. Jennifer took singing and dancing lessons from age 5. She attended 12 years of Catholic school, including an all-girl high school. She played softball and tennis in high school and was a gymnast.

After high school, she briefly worked in a law office. During this time, she continued dance classes at night. At 18, she left home because her mother was scared by her decision to pursue show business. With her casting on In Living Color (1990) in 1990, she moved to L.A., but initially hated it. Finally, her boy friend, David Cruz, moved to be with her there and she learned to accept her new environment. Her career took off from her "In Living Color" stint and reached new peaks with her portrayal of slain Latino singer, Selena, in Selena - Ein amerikanischer Traum (1997).

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