In welchen Ländern kann man am billigsten einen Schüleraustausch machen 🌏?

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Frankreich. :)

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Fred4u2 05.02.2016, 19:49

I am a host family since 18 years, I have 3 childrens and the last one is 12years and like me, he like a lot to meet strangers students and childrens.
We live in a very very nice town in the south of France, near océan. There, maybe you'll car surfing.
We like to go to the beach, in the country, cinéma, swimming pool, ice skating, going to the skate park for my son and a lots of activities.
I speak a little english then it's easyer for biginning.
I can receive you from september to half of june every years and for academic year to, I will make paper for you to go to french school.
You can be a child, a teenagere or twenty it's the same for us, we will be pleased to meet you.
We'll visit our country where there is ocean, lakes, montain......
Look at Internet Biarritz and you will be surprise. Biarritz is the St Tropez of the west coast but there we are most simple persons lol.
Biarritz is a sport town you can practice what you want.
I have 3 very nice cats and exotic fish.
Just near us there is a play park and a lot's of children and Biarritz is a country for young poeple, every evening, on the beach in town, you'll can see hendreds young poeple sitting on the beach and speaking together.
If you want to know more about us or Biarritz or else ask me.
Read you soon
Sylvie and Timmy


Die Osteuropäischen Länder sind oft sehr billig, auch die USA ist meist günstig, weil Gasteltern dort nicht bezahlt werden und halt auch viele hinfahren.

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Wieviel darf es max. kosten und wie lange soll er sein?

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steven736 27.01.2016, 14:34

Kosten so gering wie möglich, trotzdem aber ein Jahr :)


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