Ich werde gemobbt in der Schule seit bald 2 Jahre :(

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10. November, 8:00 pm

Hi StrawberryCatee!

I stumbled across your blog
entry only recently and it has make me think. I am from Austria and 14 years
old. I was never bullied, but I like to read blogs about this topic. I could
never imagine to be in your situation. I know it must be really hard for you
right now. You also raised issues which I feel strongly about. In my opinion
your ex-bestrfriends are really immature! Considering the fact that you found
them in the game “ hide and seek “ they bully you? This is probably the
weirdest thing I ever heard.  In your blog you claimed that Mia is your
ex-bestriend, but are you really sure she was before your bff, because if she
didn't help you know, can you describe her as an ex- bff?

I would suggest that you
talk with your parents/family members/ headmaster or teacher about this huge
problem you have in your life. If this doesn't help you anything, I would
change school, because there you can have a new fresh start. In my opinion it
is the easiest way.

Now it is important that
you don't give up and show them that you are stronger and mature than them.

geh zu deinen eltern und der lehrerin und rede mit den darüber auch wenns schwer fällt. lass dir in der schule nicht alles gefallen und gib auch mal widerworte....damit sie merken das sie nicht alles mit dir machen können ;-) viel glück du schaffst das schon :)

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