Ich suche schöne Songzeilen/zitate!

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"Something in his deep brown eyes has me singning He's not all bad like his reputation And I can't hear one single word they said"

Taylor Swift, Superman

"In the middle of the night when i'm in this dream it's like a million little stars spelling out your name"

Taylor Swift, Untouchable

"And you just see right through me but if you only knew me we could be a beautiful miracle unbelievable instead of just invisible like shadows"

Taylor Swift, Invisible

You don't ever have to read my mind You can see it when you close your eyes Don't believe it when you loose your faith Another moment is a moment away

Miley Cyrus, Forgiveness and Love

"But if this was a movie, you'd be here right now"

Kann dir für philosophische Lieder mit Wortspielen Bodo Wartke empfehlen, super Typ, spitzen Unterhaltung...

Guck doch bei rocketeer - far everstc movement (oder so ..) Just the way you are - Bruno mars Just a dream - nelly Soo :) Kannst ja mal reinhören :D

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