Ich muss am Montag 7.11.2016 meine Eurocom Präsentation schriftlich abgeben. Ich bin nicht gut in English, kann jmd meinen Text so schnell es geht knorrigeren?

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Hello (Komma)

my name is Lahoud S., I want to (besser: would like to) give you a short presentation about Motrip . I`d like to tell you something about “The (RS) Life (RS) of Motrip , His (RS) style of rap, Awards (RS), His (RS) best known song and about his Topical (RS) projects.

The life of Motrip

MoTrip is a German rapper of Lebanese origin. His pseudonym is
derived from his given name and the Arabian word MuTrip for artists.
Motrip was born (Hier fehlt eine Präposition) 1988 in Beirut (Ort vor Zeit) and his right (Wort) name is Mohamed El Moussaoui . He grew up in very poor relations (Wort). He has fled (Grammatik) with his family from Beirut to Germany (Satzstellung).

Then they are there to Aachen come and live till this day. He has still (Wort) an older brother. Motrip is since the 6th class with his wife together (Grammatik, Satzstellung) they have recently married. He and his woman (Wort) got (Wort) this year a baby (Satzstellung). By (Wort) his older brother Hassan (Komma) he started to rap and wrote (Grammatik) at the age of 15 years his own texts (Satzstellung)

as a model at this (Wort) time Motrip , Kool Savas which also has roots in Aachen brags. (Das ergibt keinen Sinn.)

After some published songs and positive resonances (Grammatik) (Komma) various more known rappers on (Präposition) Motrip became attentive (Satzstellung). Thus, it came to work together (Ausdruck), for example, on publications of the artists Kool Savas , Samy Deluxe, Fler , Massiv , Silla and JokA. In 2011 (Komma) Motrip signed Music with (Das ergibt keinen Sinn.) the label Universally. (---) on the (wird nur gesprochen, nicht geschrieben) 2nd of (wird nur gesprochen, nicht geschrieben) march (RS) 2012 (Komma) his first album, called “Embryo” (Komma) came out (Ausdruck). Motrip is not only a rapper but also (Hier fehlt der unbestimmt Artikel.) ghostwriter, he has written songs for known rappers like Bushido, Fler and Silla . In 2015 (Komma) Motrip his second album (= Motrip sein zweites Album) came out (s.o.). It means “Mama”. (Zu einem Satz zusammenfassen.) Motrip charted (Wort) on the third place with the album (Satzstellung). His song “So wie du bist ” in the album (Satzstellung) became known fast and now is the best known song of him (Grammatik). It has in (Präposition) YouTube today 50 million calls (Wort). (Satzstellung)

2. (= deutsch) His Style to (Präposition) rap

Motrip is not as well (Wortart) as most German known (word order) rappers only about drugs, money or bitches (Grammatik, RS) rap. (Satzstellung)

Motrip rapt (RS, Grammatik) about everything as for example love, problems et center (???). He
uses in his texts also no insults (Grammatik) (kein Komma) because he
wants to show the person also without is a matter offending (Das ergibt
keinen Sinn.)
. (Satzstellung) His texts are pensive (Wort).

3. (= deutsch) His famous song “So wie du bist “

Motrip (Grammatik) famous song is “ So wie du bist “ feat. Lara. The song came out (s.o.) in 2015. He (Wer, der Song oder Motrip?) became known fast because one can notice (Wort) the song to himself (Wortart) well (Ausdruck) and join in the singing. The song “ So wie du bist “ goes rather in the direction of (Ausdruck) pop and not rap.

While song says he one itself not for other people should change separate as remain as one is. (Das ergibt keinen Sinn.) The song belongs with more than 50 million clicks on YouTube to the top 10 of the dung-clicked (Wort) German songs. (Satzstellung)

Das Fettgedruckte muss korrigiert werden. Ich hoffe, ich habe nichts übersehen.

Für das Vokabular und die Rechtschreibung empfehle ich ein gutes (online) Wörterbuch, z.B. pons.com,

für die Grammatik ego4u.de und englisch-hilfen.de - und Finger weg vom Google Übelsetzer und seinen tr.tteligen Kollegen!

:-) AstridDerPu

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