ich habe mich bei OpSkins angemeldet und will jetzt Geld auf meinen Account laden aber am ende kommt eine nachricht dass ich ein photo von mir schicekn soll so?

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Screenshot wäre angmessen :)

Thank you for using OPSkins but, as per the big red IMPORTANT NOTICE on the "Purchase OP!" page (http://opskins.com/?loc=shop_get_coins), before we go a head and process your order, we need to do a one time only security check. Your Operational points will be on HOLD while we clear your identity.
Please fill out the fields and upload the images under (KYC Information).
Provide us with BOTH of the following:
1. Photo ID with name and address that match your billing address;
****If you provide us with a photo ID that does not have an address on it, we will require an additional piece of mail and with your name and address on it**** (making it a total of 2 pieces of mail that you send us, PLUS your photo ID). Please note that most passports DO NOT have addresses on them so if you provide us with a passport, you will need to provide us with two additional pieces of mail. Please note that we do not accept links or screen shots, it has to be pictures of actual paper pieces of mail.
2. Utility bill or other forms of address identification such as an insurance card, a UPS label from a package that was mailed to your house, a letter from school or a bank, a check book, a paycheck, a magazine subscription, etc. Please note that we do not accept links or screen shots, it has to be pictures of actual paper pieces of mail.
Once that is done, we will white list all your future payments, and all will be automatically processed. This one time security check is to make sure that you are not trying to scam the system.
* Please note that we will not share your private information with anyone. The identification documents must contain full name and address that was used during checkout and on PayPal account to be eligible.
* This is not a discussion. If you can not provide us with information, we will give a full REFUND until you are able to prove your identity. We will not give refunds for this reason after the first time. If you continue to try to purchase OP and ask for refunds without showing your ID, you will be banned and not allowed to use our site.
* All PayPal Disputes/Claims are going to be processed as Fraud Cases! Very Serious matter. DO NOT OPEN disputes/claims.
* If you are under the age of 18, please do not send us your information. Let us know and we will tell you how to proceed.
* Please go to  to reply, do not reply via email.
Sorry for the hassle, but this is a very serious matter, and hope you understand why we need to do this additional one time step.
Thank you for using our site!
All the best,
John & Artur

das war die Nachricht

musste jetzt ein paar Links löschen aber das war insgesamt die ganze Nachricht


Ich denke mal die wollen ein Bild von deinem Ausweis, musste ich auch schonmal machen. Kann mich aber nichtmehr dran errinern wie genau ich das angestellt habe. Die wollen nur dein Alter Verifizieren


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