Ich habe meine Eurocom morgen und wollte fragen ob sich jemand vllt meinen Text anschauen könnte bzw verbessern kann und ob es vom inhalt her passt?

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Der verbesserte Text unten:

Hello, my name is Leyla. As you all know, today I am going to
talk to you about my last summer vacation. First of all I will tell you
the reason why we went by car to Turkey and I will explain you the advantages and disadvantages. Later I will talk about Fethiye and at least I will tell
you something about the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge. Last summer I spent
my holidays with my family in Turkey. To our holiday trip we went by
car. The reason why we went by car has several advantages and
disadvantages. Now I will tell you some advantages. Firstly it's
cheaper to drive by car then to fly by plane. Secondly you are not
reliant on particular date or by bus and so on you can go when you want
and go where do you want. And the last advantage is that you can see
also another towns or countries on the journey. Let's move to the
disadvantages. As you probably know Turkey is very far away that means
that the way you have to go takes much time. From ... to Turkeys border
it will take 24 hours, but only when you don't take a break or get in a
traffic jam. Now I want to talk about Fethiye. Fethiye is a capital town
in the province Mugla in the south west of Turkey. The capital town has
a population about 91.244. In the antiquity the name of Fethiye was
Telmessos. The hotel which we stayed was also called Telmessos. In
Fethiye are lots of interest sights but the most important sight is the
dead sea where you can drive a paddle boat as you can see on the picture
and hos sand beach (was ist damit gemeint?). In the city everything is written in english the prices are also specified in pounds because in Fethiye are many English speaking people.
In conclusion I will tell you
something about the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge. It'
s the third
Bosporus Bridge in Istanbul and is named as the Ottoman Sultan Yavuz
Selim 1st. The Bridge has eight lanes and is 1.4 kilometres long. They started
to build the bridge in 2013. At the 26th August 2016 was the opening
of the bridge. One day after the opening we drove above the bridge.

Thank you for your attention if you have got any questions, I'll be happy to answer them.

Der Text ist gut, es gab nur einige kleine Sachen, die man verbessern könnte. Ich glaube, das kommt zu spät, weil deine EuroKom heute gewesen ist. Wie ist es gelaufen?

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Kommentar von leyloo61
28.11.2016, 15:49

Leider kam es zu spät.. Dankeschön trotzdem für die Verbesserung ich werde mir meine Fehler zu Herzen nehmen. Meine Eurocom verlief leider nicht so gut bzw habe ich eine unfaire Benotung bekommen.. Trotzdem vielen Dank nochmal :))


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