Ich habe demletzt einen tollen Spruch auf Instagram gelesen "We tried a thousand times, He said let's try a thousand and one". Kennt ihr passende Lieder dazu?

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Vom Fragesteller als hilfreich ausgezeichnet

Tausend mal berührt....tiuuuuuu...1000 mal ist nichts passiert...tausend und eine Nacht...und es hat ZOOOM gemacht!

1000 Mal berührt von Klaus Lage? :P

Sami Yusuf - A Thousand Times

Hey Leute kann mir jemand sagen bzw übersätzen was das auf deutsch heißt denn ich kann leider kein englisch und wollte euch mal um rat fragen?

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Kann ich mich mit der Seriennummer nicht mehr registrieren ? denn ich habe sie schon einige male eingegeben allerdings habe ich blöderweiße immer eine zahl oder ein Buchstaben vergessen und habe jetzt angst das es nicht mehr funktioniert wegen meinen fehlversuchen da ich die Originale Seriennummer hier habe wollte ich es dann nochmal eingeben und dann kam dieser Text ?

Und habe jetzt halt angst diesen Programm FL studio nicht mehr zu benutzen bzw. die Originale Version und nicht die Demo Version.

Bitte euch um schnelle Antwort :)

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a Thousand Years

In welchem Teil und an welcher Stelle von Twilight kommt das Klavierstück a thousand years von Christina Perri vor?

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Weiß jemand den Spruch auf deutsch?

„across a room

tangled up in her imagination

they had spent a lifetime together

by the time he said hello.“

kann jemand diesen Spruch sinngemäß Übersetzen oder erklären?

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Hallo muss in englisch eine Charakterisierung schreiben (klasse 10) kann sie jmd bewerten und tipps geben und fehler zeigen?


The extract taken from the nobel “Slam“ written by Nick Hornby published in year 2007 is about the 16-year-old Sam, who has his birthday but gets a messag by his ex Alicia. Then they meet in Starbucks.

We know that Sam is shy, because he is going away from his mom to the toilet just to text Alicia back (cf. l. 18). He is also quickly panicking as we can see in line 12, when he said “Part of me was panicking.“. He is still a little kid (cf. ll. 28-29), which cannot make any mistakes, because he thinks Alicia is pregnant(cf. L. 42).

Sam is an optimist, because he still thinks about something else that happened (cf. ll. 47-48). He is also scared and goes first in the queue when they meet just to have more time (cf. ll. 55-58).

He is very nervous and would also give up skateboarding if Alicia is not pregnant (cf. l. 39).

Sam is nervous, because of Alicia. He would do everything just if Alicia is not pregnant. To sum it up Sam ist actually coward, anxious and also stupid.

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englisch tagebucheintrag?

Dear diary, Why, why, why? How should I start? Maybe like this: Dear diary, today, it was the best day in my life by now? I’m feeling very, very, very good? Or I believe I can fly? But no. That would be a lie. A big lie. Better I can write something like that: Dear diary, I’m feeling so bad. My whole life. My whole life will never be the same again? I try to understand why it happened. Why or how did it happen that he react like that? And why do I feel like this now? Maybe I can understand it better when I write it down and think about it. Because I don’t want to be in a situation like this in the moment. Never in life! So first. Do you still know Rob? I’ve told you form this person. Last time. Only good things. But now, you can forget all these things. Or the most of them. So. We wanted to go away. Move to London. Only the two of us. We wanted to live and work there but that was before I noticed that I was pregnant. I told him that I was pregnant, of course. Directly. Although I was extremely afraid of his reaction. And I was right. He said that he wasn’t ready to be a father. Yes I know. But I wasn’t ready to become a mother, too. And I must say. Who is ready to be a mom or a dad with 23? Indeed, an abortion was no question for me! He could go to work. Get the money. Maybe we could marry soon. (At this time I was optimistic. To optimistic.) I tried to change Robs mind. Somehow. That he says yes. Of course. It’s okey. I’ll look after our baby and help you. At last Rob and me we both are guilty. But. No. Of course. He kept saying: “What about my life and my choice?” He thought, we would fight all the time. And an abortion was the best option in our situation. But finally it is my body, my life. So it’s my choice. My choice of I want an abortion or not. All in all he doesn’t came clear (er kam nicht damit klar) that I don’t want to rid of our baby. So he left me. In the 4th month. Pregnant! From that time I don’t speak to him anymore. I hate him for that that he left me alone with the baby. With OUR baby. He said now he feel really guilty about it. But. Yes of course! I only never noticed it before! He was egoistic like a selfish monster which doesn’t care about anyone other. Except him! I don’t think that he think only one time!! Only one time what I’m feeling now. And… No okey I don’t want to become absorbed in this part. So I don’t want to get money from him. He isn’t the father of my daughter. He is only the one who made me pregnant. Now I’m living with my parents. And I really don’t know what I would do without them…

richtige zeit? oder hat jemand verbesserungsvorschläge?

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Bin ich der einzige der "Thousand Foot Krutch" hört?

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