I have the least money of us?

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I have the least amount of money amongst us.

Wo bist du eig, HerrUnicum? Musst du nicht sagen.

Griass di.


Häää wie meinst du?


Also mit "Wo bist du" :D


In comparison to other countries, our country is the poorest/ got the fewest amount of money (or/and even if or can also mean and) per resident.

In comparison to other countries, we/our country are/is the poorest.

English Article: Generation Z

Guten Abend liebe Community!

Ich musste in Englisch einen kurzen Artikel (ca. 250 Wörter) schreiben und habe jetzt auf die schnelle einen verfasst. Bin mir jetzt aber nicht wirklich sicher, ob der auch so halbwegs in Ordnung ist. Passenden Titel hab ich noch keinen gefunden. Habe mich manchmal ziemlich schwer getan, auch mit Wörterbuch, die richtigen Phrasen und Wörter zu finden. Die Lehrerin sagte, wir sollen den Aufsatz versuchen möglichst informell zu schreiben um die Leserschaft zu erreichen. Bitte um schnelles Feedback. Vielen Dank!


What about the youth of today? Are we lazy as adults are always telling us or has our generation no hopes for future? Some of our parents do not understand our situation and worries. The matriculation is one of our great fears what generation ‘grey hair’, honestly, doesn’t really understand. As the school is not challenging enough, we have to cope with familiar, social and other difficulties and for some of us it is even worse.

A difficult family background or to be socially excluded are problems we might have to face in our life. To be in trouble with your parents, to lose a best friend can beat you to your knees and take your self-confidence and perspective. No success instead of stress can make you powerless without any ambitions. It is true that we have big opportunities compared to the older generations, but the fear of failure is often bigger. Even though our doors are always open to any occupation we want to do, it can be quite hard under achieving-pressure.

This is why it is so important to find ways how to support today’s youth and to prevent adolescents from a social decline or from becoming a NEET. Schools could organize projects in which students get some advice about their future plans. Advisers could be invited to help students and encourage them to pursue their ambitions. Especially a conversation between teacher and student can be very helpful. Of course, it’s a matter of will and confidence, but support is better than picking on the bad sides of our generation.

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Wieso Bank-Gebühr für COT Code?

Ich will von einem Freund aus dem Ausland Geld für ein Haus auf mein Konto überweisen. Die Bank verlangt jetzt 700$ für den COT Code (cost of transaktion) den man braucht um die Überweisung abzuschließen. Dieses muss aber von einem anderen Konto als von dem Ausgangskonto sein, (davon abgesehen 700$ habe ich nicht).

Gibt es eine andere Möglichkeit?

Ist es überhaupt normal dafür bezahlen zu müssen und noch dazu 700$?

Folgendes schrieb die Bank.

Hello Sir,

We have received your letter. The sum of  $700.00 must be paid through another source of funds and not from the excisting account. We assure to give the C.O.T. code as soon as the sum of $700.00 is paid for the C.O.T. code. Send the money through money gram , because this is the simple and easy way to receive the money and the C.O.T. will be given to you when the money is received.

Here are the details to send the sum of $700.00 for the C.O.T code through money gram.

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Englisch Vorteile und Nachteile vom berphmt sein!


also ich habe hier Vor- und Nachteile über das berühmt sein geschrieben auf Englisch. Ich möchte nur das ihr schaut ob es mit der Grammatik und dem Satzbau so passt. Rechtschreibfehler müsst ihm mir nicht sagen :) Danke schon mal im Voraus.

On the one hand it is beautiful to be famous because you have much money and you can afford you everything. Secondly you're in the Center Point and everyone likes you except some. But on the other hand you don't have privacy, they know everything about you. You have to life in fear because there always people who are jealous on you. You don't can go out of the house and go somewhere without that someone recognize you. The magazines perhaps write something about you such as "Oh my good the plastic surgery went wrong" and you have to read it and can't say anything because they are allowed to write something like that. And finaly in most cases famous people access to drugs because they can't withstand the pressure anymore.


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Englisch Hausaufgaben Verbesserung

Könntet ihr folgenden Text bitte korrigieren??

  1. How do you feel about this song? When I listened for the first time to Beyonce´s song “Proud to be an American”, I recognized that the melody and the rhythm are very catchy. You can distinctly hear the hymn-character the performer has given her song and the idea to combine lyrics and melody to convince the listener of your opinion. I do not like this kind of forcing you into a specific opinion. I prefer artists who animate you to form your own point of view or at least make you think about the topic in general. Moreover, the strong opinionated message of pride and patriotism is repulsive to me. In my experience pride, as long as you use it to feel self-confident and motivated, can be a good character trait, but too much of it can block your view. No one could deny that this is proofed not only in the History frequently, this thought is also often covered by literature, movies etc. In relation to the topic of Beyonce´s song, this means, that you should not just praise America to the skies. There are also not so commendable sides of the “Country of liberty”. Instead of this homage to the bright sides of America the singer should more directly mention that this country is too beautiful and stand for too much to let it destroy by political and societal problems. On the other hand I am impressed by the directness of her opinion about America. Such a passionate patriotic message is not very often seen in Europe, especially in Germany. Patriotism can be good for a nation, because it supports the cohesion and the mood in the society. Maybe Germany should finally, ages after World War Two, start to build up a healthy Patriotism and Pride of their country.
  2. Summary “Proud to be an American” is a in 2008 re-released cover by the famous patriotic American song “God bless the USA” by the R&B singer Beyonce. Beyonce expresses in her patriotic song, that you should count one´s blessings, in this case the unimpeachable freedom America has given to her, even if everything else would have been taken away from you. With this and by reminding the listeners of the all the people who died in past acts for the liberty she can thankfully enjoy nowadays, the praises the whole American attitude of life: The priority of being more or less free to do whatever you want and act independent. Especially in the refrain and the second stanza Beyonce shows the deeply in the American history rooted pride for their whole country and it´s symbols. Just like the all- American moral concept is even God asked for his blessing and peace for the nation. In this song are all listeners called up to be proud of America, and express that patriotism passionated, as well as trying to keep the country worth for this and protect it as good as you can.
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Kann jemand meinen kurzen Englisch Text überfliegen und nach Fehlern suchen?

The main character of the short story „The swim team“ written by Miranda July in 2007, is named Maria, is 22 years old and lives alone in Belvedere, a small city, which is free from swimming pools. There is only a gas station and a market in Belvedere.
She would like to move, but she don’t have enough money (she don’t have a car or phone as well) and she don’t like to ask his parents, although she write every week to them. Her life is very boring (line 9-11), because she have nothing to do and no friends until she listens to a talk of three 80-years-old-persons, called Elizabeth, Kelda and Jack Jack, who can’t swim but they want to. So she suggests to teach them in swimming, because she learned in High School, and later she gives „swimming lessons“ to them twice a week in her living room with bowls of water and a kitchen floor. At the beginning of the story Maria is a little bit shy, she don’t like to speak with other people and starts tob e exited. (line 35-37) But at the end of the story Maria is a strong and purposeful coach, who dares to talk and to say what to do. (line 97-98) These swim lessons gives Maria something to do and she miss the lessons later.

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