How wide is Australia at his widest point?

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RICHTIG müsste diese Frage heißen: What is the distance, as the crow flies, between the westernmost and the easternmost point in Australia? - "his" ist falsch, auch "at his widest point" ist nicht korrekt (Es müssten ja wohl ZWEI Punkte sein). Wo hast Du denn diese falsch formulierten Fragen gefunden?

"Wie breit ist ... an seiner breitesten Stelle? - From Carnavon to Brisbane about 4000 km.

Noch genauer: From Steep Point to Cape Byron: 4100 km.


Übersetzung: Wie breit ist Australien an seiner breitesten Stelle.
Google bitte selber. Weil es mich intereesier hatte:
"Die Gesamtfläche des Landes umfasst rund 7,7 Millionen Quadratkilometer. Die Nord-Süd-Ausdehnung beträgt etwa 3700 km, die West-Ost-Ausdehnung ungefähr 4000 km"

EuroKom über Sydney

Hallo Leute :D Ich muss diese Woche noch meine EurKom halten, dass ist eine Englisch Prüfung, bei der ich einen 5 minütigen Vortrag über Sydney halten muss. Meinen Text habe ich geschrieben und ich würde mich sehr freuen wenn ihr mal ein Auge auf die Grammatik werfen würdet. The History habe ich nicht reingestellt da dieser Teil schon korrigiert wurde ;) Eure allgemeine Meinung würde mich auch sehr interessieren A lso mein Text und danke im voraus :D

Sydney is located on Australia’s south-east coast in NSW on the Tasman and Pacific Sea. It is the state capital of New South Wales and with a population of 4.28 million people and an area over 12.137 km2 the biggest city in Australia. The city is divided in 38 local parts of the town. The most people think that Sydney is the capital of Australia but that’s wrong, the capital of Australia is Canberra. Sydney is a cultural and educational metropolis because you can find there Universities with the best reputations in Australia. A total of over 200 nationalities are represented in Sydney's population. There are more than 20 languages spoken in Sydney, but the most used languages are English and Chinese.There are also for example lots of museums, theatres and operas. By the position of the city is Sydney one of the most important harbor as well as banking and industrial centers in Australia. The temperate climate in Sydney has mild winters and warm summers. The winter is from June to August. There are temperatures between 16o and 18o. The summer is from December to February. The warmest month is January the temperatures are between 18o and 25o but there are also very high temperatures for example 45o. That’s the reason why in Australia lots of Bushfires are. In the last month for example there was a bushfire in Sydney which comes really near to the city.

When someone is talking about Australia or Sydney the most people think at first at the Sydney Opera House because it’s one of the famous buildings. You can find the Opera House at Bennelong Point in Sydney Harbour near to the Harbour Bridge. It was designed by Jorn Utzon, a Danish architect. The construction started at the 2nd March 1959 and was finished and opened in 1973 at the 20th October. At the Opera House you can go to a concert, watch a theatre or an opera. But it’s also possible to get only a guided tour. Also very well known are the Bondi Beach and Manly Beach. These are two of 40 beaches in Sydney where you can go surfing, swimming or just relaxing. To relax and to enjoy the nature you can visit the Hyde Park too. The Hyde Park was created at the 3rd May 1878; it is open all the year and 24h. It is a 16.2 hectare park at the eastern side of the Sydney city centre. Another must see is the Sydney Harbour Bridge which is a steel arch bridge between the Sydney central business district and the North Shore. The bridge carries rail, vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian traffic. The Sydney Harbour Bridge opened at the 19th March 1932.

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Englisch Text verbessern! Bitte! :(

Kann bitte jemand mal meinen text anschauen ich geh in die 5 Klasse und bin eine völlige Niete un Englisch

The economy in the 80s in England is very chipped. In the streets of north England you see many strikes. Many mines workers are striking because mines should be closed. One of these protestants is Jackie, a father of two boys, Tony and Billy Elliot. He had lost his wife and now he is living with his children and their grandmother in a small flat, because the family doesn’t have much money. The father is a very strict and hard man and he want that his 11 years old son, Billy, be hard to, so he send him to boxing lessons. But Billy doesn’t like the unnecessary violent, he is much more interested in that what is happening in the other side of the gymnastic hall. There Mrs. Wilkinson, a slightly unment women, she is teaching some girls ballet. Finally Billy dares to exchange his box gloves for ballet shoes. Every day he goes to the ballet class without telling his father. One day his father sees that his son is dancing ballet instead of boxing. Jackie forbids his son to dance this unmanly ballet but Billy and his dedicated dance teacher Mrs. Wilkinson decide to continue the training secretly. The major goal of both is a dance audition at the Royal Ballet School in London. When his father caught Billy again when he was dancing, he was sure that Billy has Talent. Jackie becomes a blackleg to save money for his son. Finally Jackie comes with Billy to the dance audition in the Ballet school. Billy gets a letter from the Ballet School, he is taken. At the same moment the strike is broken. A few years later, Jackie and Tony Elliot go to London to see Billy dancing his first stage appearance in "Schwanensee".

und gibs ein Programm oder eine Seite die texte verbessert?

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