HILFE!Wie schreibe ich eine Characterization auf Englisch?

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zum einen schreibt man characterisation mit s und nicht mit z ;)


Characterisation is the way the characters in the text are presented
so the audience is guided to make certain judgments that reinforce the
themes of the text. Characterisation is shown by the words, actions, and
reactions of a character, how other characters speak about them, how
they deal with conflict, their thoughts and feelings, costume, and body
language. It is through the characters that the reader understands
different emotional and personal experiences and the themes of the text.

When looking at how a character changes or develops think about relationships, conflict of ideas or personalities.

Key points to study

Major character

– describe their physical and personal qualities, any strengths and weaknesses and how they deal with an important issue.


between main and minor characters.


with other characters or within a character.

Film techniques

used such as costuming, props,  repetition of shots and clues to audience.

Ways to study characters

What film techniques have been used to make the character seem real?

Identify three examples of when the main character showed or lacked

responsibility, honesty, insight, or self-knowledge. How do these

qualities show changes in the character?

Compare the qualities and circumstances of the main character and a

significant minor character. How does this relationship affect each


Quelle: http://www.studyit.org.nz/subjects/english/english2/2/subjectcontent/characterisation/

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Das war echt hilfreich und danke, dass du mir meinen Fehler gedeutet hast. :)

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-"characterization" ist völlig korrektes American English


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