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hier mal meine Meinung zu den Sätzen. Ich hoffe sie sind richtig und du kannst damit etwas anfangen:

1.The lighthouse in the 6th century first was a worldwonder because it wasn´t in the original list.

2.... city wall of Babylon.

3.lighthouse of Alexandria

4.The lighthouse was built on an island called Pharos which has one kilometer distance to the mainland.

5.before the lighthouse was built the bay was used to do business.

6.Homer wrote in his Odysee...

7.At begin of the 3th century the new governor Ptolemaios I. ordered Sostratos to built a lighthouse.


9.In 30 meter height a construction with a diameter from 11 meters

10.Then you could/can see...

11.At the same level is a beacon.

12.If you want to walk on the second platform you have to go through the inside of the tower.


14.(the perpetuation was about: ....)

15.we got all this information from Hermann Thiersch.

16.It´s still a matter of debate whether the lighthouse was used only at night or also at day.

17.Some people say this is possible because at the mediterranean desert-like coast aren't any tags to orient.

18.Across different mirrors the sunlight was reflected to the horizon and you could see the light still in a 50 kilometer distance.

19.The lighthouse was corrupted by an earthquake but in 1480 the Sultan structured a fort ... and used the collapsed ruins as building material.

20.Probably the lighthouse had the same colour* like (...)

*colour = britisch; color = amerikanisch

21.There are still some whispers.

22.The people from this city had watched humans (doing smth.)

23.There are artifacts on the lighthouse.

24.The lighthouse was called like the island.

25.In Latin lighthouse is meaned..., in Italy you say ... and in Portugese it is...

26.So this worldwonder is staying in us and in the new building from the Sultan and in our speeches.

Falls du noch Fragen hast, kannst du mich gerne fragen :)

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,


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7. At the beginning of the 3rd century BC P. ordered S. to build....

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