Hilfe in Englisch Übersetzung bitte!?

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"Mit großartigem Inhalt können sie Social-Media-Inhalte über die Produkte und Athleten, mit denen sie verbunden/assoziiert werden und in einer Partnerschaft sind, entwerfen."

Content kann allerdings auch Zufriedenheit bedeuten, das kommt dann natürlich auf den Kontext an.

Kann mir jemand helfen bei dieser Englisch argumentation?

Da ich in englisch nicht die beste bin könnt ihr mir ja vielleicht helfen :) Wir sollten eine argumentation zum Thema soziale Netzwerke gut oder schlecht? Das alles in englische. Wär nett wenn ihr euch meine Argumentation mal anschaut und mir Fehler sagt die ich dann berichtigen kann. A statistic of the website www.lessenstiel.lu shows us that we use a wide variety of social networks. For example 71% use Facebook, 52% Instagram and 41% Snapchat, that are only a few social networks of the many we use. We would like to know if social networks are good or bad for us. In the following comment I will discuss whether social networks are good or bad for us.

First of all I think with social networks is communication easier. It is because you can communicate with people all over the world, if they have the social network too. Look at a example a member of your family life in another country than you can communicate with them over social networks like facebook or snapchat.

Not only that, I also think that important informations are fast distribute. You can write a text on a social network and all your friends can read them. Let me give you an example, if you are pregnant you can write a text on a social network and all your friends know this import Information.

In contrast to this is a point against social networks that the personal contact will be less. Many people communicate only about social networks.

Another significant point is that the persons in the social network are not always real. In a social network you can choose our age, your name and other personal Informations but no one knows if the Informations are right. If the profile looks good you think they are friendly, Unfortunately we can not be sure that the person isn´t lying, maybe the person you trust is a criminal.

Weighing the pros and cons, I come to the conclusion that social networks have pros and cons. It is important to mention that dangers are everywhere and that is why in future many people will use the social networks too. Everyone must decide for themselves which social network they use and how often. Danke im vorraus :)

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Englisch Oberstufe: summary über "keeping In Touch"

Ist meine summary so korrekt und gut? The Article keeping in Touch written by James Smith and published in Year 2014, deals with the most important aspects of keeping in touch. Today You can't more think away of the technology and the Internet. We use it everyday for business and of course for talking together to keep in touch with your friends and families. So with your smartphone you can Talk with your Friends and naturally write text messagers like whatsapp whenever and whereever you are. This ist a great think and its to easy but also fast. Overall we can day that the Internet has gone portable. Anyway you can communicate with your friends via Social Networks Sites and can send or Share photos,messages and of course if you want Gombe closer you can do Phone falls like Face to Face. Finale with Smartphones,tablets and the Social Media Networking Sites you can alyways keep in Touch with your Friends.

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Hallo könnte wer mein englisch Referat kontrollieren?

What is factory farming ?. Factory Farming is a way of producing meat and other animal products quickly and cheaply. The animals are kept in small cages. They get special food, so they are growing faster. The main products of this industry are meat, milk and eggs for human consumption. Advantages: Cheaper prices With the use of factory farms, the prices of food became very cheap. The main reason for this is that the food can be processed very fast. Also, the food for the animals is very cheap, because they buy it in mass orders. Enough animal products for the market Factory farms use vitamins, minerals, and other substances that make animals grow faster and so they can produce much more food. Big farms also have modern tools which helps to produce meat, milk, eggs and other products very quickly and in an efficient way.

Disadvantages: Very bad living conditions In many factory farms the animals are kept in small cages, where they don’t have any space to walk around and do what they naturally do. The animals are usually kept indoor, so they don’t get any fresh air or sun. The cages are not cleaned as often as it is necessary, so the living conditions for the animals are very bad.

Bad for people’s health Factory farms are bad for people’s health in two ways. One of these is the pollution what they produce, which harm the health of the people who are living next to them. The other way is through the antibiotics that they give their animals to make them immune against illnesses. These can be transmitted to people from the meat and other animal products.

Small farming businesses haven’t a chance against factory farms Many factory farms are owned by corporations, who have the possibility to buy modern tools, equipment and larger spaces for the animals. They’re able to sell their products at a lower price. Smaller farms usually don’t have the resources to buy faster and bigger machines and therefore they can’t compete with their larger rivals.

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Bitte Englisch Text Sinn Hilfe?

Hallo, die Wörter verstehe ich, aber den Sinn nicht. Was wird hier gesagt?

"With the proposed model I argue that audiences do not select and enjoy media content

that has been produced outside their culture if they perceive a mismatch between their

own cultural baggage and that of the producer as incorporated into the content – a

phenomenon for which I suggest the term Lacuna"

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Reported Speech - Englisch - Hab' ein Problem..

Hallo.. Ich habe bald Englisch Schularbeit & kann die Reported Speech schon ziemlich gut, dennoch habe ich noch ein Problem: Wie wandelt man die Direkte-Rede in eine Indirekte-Rede um, wenn sie zwei Sätze beinhaltet?

Beispiel: "I heard that they had an Argument with each other. They throw things around the room" the Little Girl explained.

Wie verbindet man diese zwei Setze in der Reported Speech?

Und wie funktioniert das, wenn es drei oder mehr Sätze sind?

Beispiel: "I heard that they had an Argument with each other. They throw things around the room. It was really loud" the Little Girl explained.

Danke für eure hilfe :D

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