Hilfe bei englisch Referat kann bitte jemand Korektur lesen?

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Hello and welcome to my little (Wort) presentation about the perhaps (Hier fehlt ein Wort.) famous mouse in the world and the icon of the world disney company mickey mous (RS) .

First of all (Komma) i (RS) will (besser: would like to) start with some facts about mickey (RS). Mickey mouse (RS) is a (RS) animation and cartoon character (which was) created by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks. He is 4 feet tall (Komma) that´s about 120 cm (Komma) and he weight (Wort) 23 pounds (Komma) that´s about 11.5 kg . His birthday is (Hier fehlt eine Präposition.) the (Wird nur gesprochen ) 18.nov.1928 (= deutsch). Now (RS) come to the historie (RS) of mickey mous (RS) .The historie (s.o.) of mickey (s.o.) (besser: s-genitiv) starts (Zeit) in the 20 ´s (Ausdruck)  (Komma) where (Wort) there have been (Zeit) predecessors of him which resembled him not only externally but also in character like oswald (RS) the lucky rabbit .

Here you can see a picture of oswald (s.o.) (Komma) but only at the end of 20 (Ausdruck) during a long train ride between New York and Hollywood had Walt Disney, the then little-known artists and designers, the idea for the little mouse with big black ears. The name Mickey Mouse was invented by Liliane, the wife of Walt Disney (s-genitiv) (Punkt)

primary mickey mouse (RS) should named (Ausdruck) mortimer mouse (RS) (Komma) but Liliane could persuade her husband to named (Wort, Grammar) his new character mickey (s.o.). His frist aperance (RS) mickey (RS) had in the silent film plane crazy (RS) - (Satzstellung) (Komma)

which was shown only (Hier fehlt eine Präposition.) a closed company (Denglisch) . Here you can see a poster of plane crazy (s.o.). But only by the sound film ,, steamboat willi ,, (RS) witch (RS) celebrated his (Grammar) primiere (RS) on 18.nov.1928 mickey mous (s.o.) became famous (Punkt) - (Satzstellung)

That is the reason why people celebrate on this day his birthday. (Satzstellung) Now I will (s.o.) show you a small excerpt from the film ,, steamboat willie ,, (s.o.) (Punkt) 

the first time mickey (s.o.) spoke was in the movie ,, the karneval kid ,, (RS) his first words were (Grammar; hier fehlt eine Präposition) ,,hot dog,, (RS)

Walt Disney himself lent mickey for this his voice. (Satzstellung) In 1930 (Komma) mickey (RS) got his dog pluto (RS) (Punkt) The funny orange yellow quadrupeds with the (Possessive Pronoun) delicate scent is an unusual figure in the Disney empire (Komma) because he - is not anthropomorphized - in contrast to other figures. Till 1935 (Komma) the mickey mouse (s.o.) cartoons were only in black and white. The first timie (RS) mickey (s.o.) were (Grammar) colured (RS) was in the movie ,, the band concert ,, (RS).

from (RS) that moment (Komma) all micky (s.o.) cartoons were produce colured (Grammar, RS). to (RS) his 50 (RS) anniversary became (Wort) mikey (s.o.) at (Wort) the first cartoon-charakter (RS) a star of (Präposition) the walk of fame. (Satzstellung)

Today (Komma) mickey (RS) is one of the (Hier fehlt ein Wort.) famous disney (s.o.) charakter (RS) in the world and people in over 30 cauntris (RS) love him. Thats (RS) was my little (s.o.) prentation (RS) (---) (Punkt)

thank you for listening.

Das Fettgedruckte muss korrigiert werden. Ich hoffe, ich habe nichts übersehen.

Für das Vokabular und die Rechtschreibung empfehle ich ein gutes (online) Wörterbuch, z.B. pons.com,

für die Grammatik ego4u.de und englisch-hilfen.de.


Vielen dank für die Hilfe. Das hat mir sehr weiter geholfen  : )


Die Seite ist nicht dazu da um dir bei den Hausaufgaben zu helfen ;)

gehört mickey mouse zu Pop art?

Ich muss in kunst ein Referat über walt disney halten spspeziell über mickey mouse aber ich soll die Kunst epoche dazu nennen und ausführlich beschbeschreiben gehört mickey mouse zu Pop art Kunst ooder zubeißen anderen Kunst epoche

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Kann jemand mein Englisch Referat Verbessern?

Könnte jemand mein Referat verbessern? Danke im Vorraus

Walter Elias Disney was born on the 5th December 1901 in Chicago and he died on the 15th December 1966 in Los Angeles. He was an American film producer. He was one of the most honored figures of the 20th Century. Walt Disney was one from five children. His parents were Elias Disney and Flora Call. They had a farm and all children had to help there. But Walt Disney has always been interested in drawing. When he was 14 he had art classes for the first time. After the First World War he started to make promotional films with the character artist Ub Iwerks. With his brother Roy he produced short films named Alice Comedies. Walt Disney mixed actors with animated cartoons. After his first success with the Alice Comedies he went to Los Angeles in the year 1923. Together with Ub Iwerks and his brother he started to put his ideas into cartoons. 1926 Walt Disney stoped drawing and let Ub Iwerks do it. He made Micky Maus in the year 1927 but Walt Disney get the Oscar for it. The title for the first film was “Plane Crazy”. At the same time the first sound film got out and Walt Disney showed his new production the world. To his drawed pictures he added music. 1928 celebrated “Steamboat Willie” in New York premiere. Minni Maus had her first role in this movie. Parallel to the Mickey Mouse films Disney produced the “Silly Symphonies” series, in which he deliberately tried new animation techniques.1934 Donald Duck had his first role in a Silly Symphony film. Walt Disney also invented Goofy, Pluto, Daisy Duck and the three little pigs. 1937 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs got out and Walt Disney got a Oscar for it. After this movie other feature-length animated films followed till the forties. For example “Pinocchio”, “Fantasia”, “Dumbo” and “Bambi”. These are the greatest classics from Disney till today. “Fantasia” was the first Cartoon with music from composers like Beethoven, Tschaikowski and Strawinsky. “Bambi” was Walt Disneys favourit movie. After the second World War he produced many Adventure Movies like “The Treasure Island” and “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”. He also made more cartoons like “Cinderella”, “Peter Pan” and “Dornröschen”. Walt Disney also had documentaries which were very successful. The early 50s he was more successful because he used the TV for himself. He had a TV show named “Disneyland” and he was a popular television presenter. One the 17th July 1955 Walt Disney opened the first Disneyland in Anaheim. It´s near Los Angeles. The second opened 1964 in Orlando, Florida. Also in this year the most successful Disney film got out: “Mary Poppins”. This film got five Oscars. The last film Walt Disney worked on it himself was “The Jungle Book” but he died before it was finished. On the 15th December 1966 Walt Disney died after a operation because he had lung cancer. His brother Roy took the Walt Disney Productions. Walt Disney got more than 800 different prizes and awards in his life.

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Bitte Korrektur (Englischer Text über great Gatsby )?

Hallo, ich muss morgen mündlich ein referat halten und ich weiß mein englisch ist nicht sehr gut. Könnt ihr folgen text inhaltlich verstehen und hab ich irgendwo grammatische Fehler?

To escape from the summer heat, the group takes a suite at the Plaza Hotel. But before they can start drinking Tom tells the others about what he found out about Gatsby and his wealth. Tom finally confronts Gatsby, mocking his use of the phrase "old sport." Tom accuses Gatsby of never having been at Oxford. Gatsby clarifies that he was at Oxford, but only for five months after the end of the war. Gatsby tells Tom that Daisy never loved him. Gatsby waits for Daisy to say her line, but she doesn't, so he tells Tom, "Daisy never loved you."

But she did love him at the same time that she loved Gatsby. She didn’t say I don’t love you. She hesitates.  Gatsby replies that she plans to leave Tom and marry Gatsby. Daisy, however, refuses to confirm that she never loved Tom. Tom regards Daisy's affair with the lower-class Gatsby as one of the harbingers of the decline of civilization. Soon, Tom hisses, there will even be intermarriage between the races. Tom calls Gatsby a "common swindler" and reveals that he has made his fortune in bootlegging. Gatsby has earned his money with criminal deals like alcohol and drugstore. Tom tells Gatsby that Daisy would never leave him for a "bootlegger." As the confrontation draws to a close, Nick realizes that today is his thirtieth birthday. 

Es geht hierbei um das Buch the great Gatsby kapitel 7 den streit zwischen Gatsby und Nick.

Vielen Dank im Vorraus

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Hallo, nächste Woche habe ich meine Eurocom Englisch Prüfung. Könnte jemand den Präsentationstext auf Zeiten und Satzbau korrigieren?


Now im am going to tell you something about Dublin . First i want to give you some facts about dublin, secoundly I will talk about some sights in dublin. My third point is about the culture.


Dublin is the capital and also the biggest city of Ireland. It is on the east coast of the island Ireland. The clima in dublin is very interesting i think. They have about 130 days of rain per year. So imagine nearly every 3rd day is a rainy day, and i think thats a bit to much. Dublin is a financial center, there are some european banks like commerzbank or Lbbw. The city is also famous for his guinnes factory, wich is a beer factory who is known all over the world. Just in Dublin are about 666 licenced Pubs so thats a lot, the oldest of them is the ,,brazen head“ its there since 1198. Dublin is the centre of the pharmaceutical industrie and also of the IT sector. There are a lot European headquaters like Google Microsoft Facebook.


A very known area of Dublin is Temple Bar. There are a lot of famous pubs and also a lot of live music.An interesting sight is the Trinity college, it was established by Elizabeth I in 1592 and you can still study there. A famous place in dublin is the Phoenix park its the largest urban enclosed park in europe and is more than twice the size of New Yorks central park. A very interesting area of dublin for me is the dame street its a main street and you don`t have to walk far till you are at Temple bar
or The Kaplan language school were i selfe went this summer. In this street is the Trinity college and a lot of shops and nice places, but there is a lot of traffic and the people often run.


The sport culture of Dublin is special. They do sports, other countries even dont know, they excist. For excample Hurling, its defenetly one of the fastest and most difficult sport in the world. They play it on a field that can be up to 145 meter long and 90 meter wide. The stick is called hurley and looks similar to a hockey racket. They need to shoot the ball who looks like a baseball in a goal. The goal is a mix between a rugby and a normal soccer goal. The rules are to difficult to explain now.

The most popular sport in Ireland is Gaelic football. Its like football but you are allowed to walk through the whole field with the ball in the hand, but in front of the goal you have to kick the ball in.

Maybe you now the most famous feast day in Irland, the St. Patricks Day. It commemorates the Irish bishop Patrick, who lives probably in the 5th century. He is the foremost patron saint of Irland. The St Patrick day is celebrated on the 17th of march with public parades and festivals, its common to wear a green attire and shamrocks. The St Patricks day is also celebrated in many other countries around the world.

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Englisch Text korrigieren (basketball)

Ich hab ein Englischreferat über Basketball fertiggestellt und würde mich freuen, wenn jemand mit mehr Englischkenntnissen mal drüber schauen würde ;)

p.S nicht unbedingt auf Rechtschreibung achten ;)

Hello, today i want to talk about Basketball one of the most favorite Sports in the USA. My presentation is made up in 3 Parts.

The first one is „creation of Basketball“ The secound one is „rules and regulations“

And my last point is „Chicago Bulls“

In December 1891, Dr. James Naismith a physical education professor, sought a vigorous indoor game to keep his students occupied during the long New England winters. So he wrote the basic rules and nailed a peach basket onto a 10-foot elevated track. The bottom of the peach basket was removed, because you had to retrieve the ball manually after each point. The first ball was a normal Football, then in 1950 Tony Hinkle searched for a more visible Ball for the player and visitors so he made an orange ball. The sport Basketball was born

Now to the rules and regulations.

Games are played in four quarters of 12 minutes. Overtime periods are five minutes in lenght. Teams exchange baskets for the second half. Games generally take much longer to complete than the allotted game time, typically about two hours, because the clock is stopped while the play is not active. A limited number of time-outs are allowed, they are generally not longer then 100 seconds. Five players from each team may be on the court at one time.

Now to my last point, Michael Jordan

He joined 1984 the NBA team Chicago Bulls. He quickly emerged as a league star. After a Slam dunk contest he get his nichname „Air Jodan“ because he performed a slam dunk from the free throw line. 1991 he won his first NBA championchip with the bulls. And fallowed that achievement with titles in 1992 and 1993.

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Ist der englische Satz grammatikalisch so richtig?

Ich möchte sagen: mein erster und bis jetzt leider einziger Besuch in der Stadt war im Februar.

Ich hätte das jetzt so geschrieben: My first and unfortunately only visit in the city so far was in February.

Stimmt das so?

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