Hey, ich suche nach guten Dramione und Tomione fanfictions. Sie sollten möglichst in character sein, möglichst wenig Fehler enthalten. Irgendwelche Vorschläge?

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Hier ist eine Liste von den Geschichten, die ich schon gelesen habe, damit ihr etwas genauer wisst wonach ich suche. Vielleicht kennt ihr ja welche, die dazu passen? Fanfics auf Englisch ziehe ich meistens vor. Sie sollten auch nicht übermäßig kitschig sein und das Pairing sollte sich auch nicht sofort um den Hals fallen. Ich würde mich wirklich freuen, wenn ihr mit da weiterhelfen könntet. Und wer weiß, vielleicht findet ihr aus meiner Auflistung auch selbst ein paar Stories, die euch gefallen.


Isolation by Bex-chan, Hunted by Bex-chan, The Bracelet by AkashaTheKitty, Finders by everythursday, Hunting the Hunters by FutureAggie09, Basketcase by attica, Stolen by Elsie girl, 525,600 Minutes by The Lonely Goatherd, Dare from hell by Aznyx, The Broom Closet Plots by Dramione Fic, 10 ways to kill Draco Malfoy by Drakulya, Draco Phoenix Rising by Cheryl Dyson, Windows to the soul by LucieMarie, A little piece of sincerity by provocative envy, The Unseemly Proposal by scarlet-sparx, Abyss by zarah joice, From impossibilities come miracles by bballgirl32, Too far gone by LucieMarie, Charming by w1nter, Hurt me by seeing green, Pansy's Revenge by frostykitten, Twisted Fate by Zippy Rox, Turncoat by elizaye, The Hogwarts Prophecy by Rumaan, To light a candle by namelessamelie, Beautiful Things Can Come From The Dark by yesterdayschild4, Forbidden by Leah, Not like this by harlequindreaming, Their room by aleximoon, Glitzer in den Haaren und Mordgedanken im Kopf by Beysa2011, The Bathwater by xXBeckyFoo, Lady Malfoy by cherrypie3601, Stronger by provocative envy, Tainted Blood by Rainbow Breaker, The Greatest Story Never Told by Rainbow Breaker, The Science Of It All by provocative envy, Contours by Gryffindorgirl153, Impressions by Ar-Zimraphel, Bad Medicine by Cheryl Dyson, The Other Side by luckei1, We learned the sea by luckei1, The Establishment Of A Meaningful Context by attica, Love's Potion by lolagirl, Glass Houses by Amadea, Memories Remain by Tulips and Jill, Completely and Utterly by Tragic Disposition, Beautiful Lie by Fayth Anne Chandler, Nothing but dreams by Moonlightrose1992, Lover Of The Light by xXBeckyFoo, Detention Of Destiny by leopion, The Hunt For Revenge by elektra30, Temporary Partnership by Dramione13, Stuck in the broom cupboard with Malfoy by ryktis, 7 First Kisses by leopion, Linked by Philyra912, Anything For You by half-breedMiralian, 


Have you ever by Lady Moonglow, Wurmlöcher by Kiamara, A safe place to hide by Flaignhan, Fourier's Flaw by SiriusBlacksGodDaughter, Take my heart away by Hatusu, Tempora Abducto by Flaignhan, Corsa di tempo by Jenny-Beth, Ultima Ratio by Winterblume, Someday Sunny Skies by Almighty Cheez it, Three by Taintless, Time of our destiny by Chrissytingting, Tied for last by Speechwriter, The Cold One by Mrs. Hiddleston, Time Turner by biebers wifey, The Perfect Challenge by MaeFarrow, Somewhere in time by Serpent In Red, A Love Through Time by Kalia Clyde, Tearing At The Fabric by You'reABirdOfTheSummer, Masters of manipulation by Nerys, Building A Mystery by StBridgit, Even The Stars Can Be Moved by Vasilisa23, Of Ash And Fire by GinnyRules 

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