Hey, diese Musik zu benutzen ist erlaubt? Oder könnt ihr es besser verstehen was da steht?

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We LOVE letting YouTubers use our music. On this page we are giving everyone on YouTube a license to use our music for commercial or non-commercial purposes. In order to abide by this license we are asking for a few things in return. But first, let us lay things out in a clear, concise manner.Specifically, we are giving YouTubers the permission to do the following: You may use our music as background music or as part of your own creative video without being required to pay us any performance royalties. You may use the music in commercial or noncommercial videos on YouTube only. If you’re looking to use our music outside of YouTube, contact us.This license does not give you permission to do the following: You cannot reupload our music to YouTube without adding your own creative content. You cannot claim our music as your own. You cannot use our music in any project outside of YouTube without the express permission of Approaching Nirvana. You cannot sell our music. You cannot use any of our remixes, mashups, parodies, or cover instrumentals we have created. (See note below)To use our music, you must abide by the following: Purchase our music legally. Credit us by name (Approaching Nirvana) in the description of your YouTube video Link back to our YouTube channel (http://youtube.com/user/approachingnirvana) in the description of your YouTube video Mention the song name in the description of your YouTube video Place a link to buy the song on iTunes in the description of your video (preferrably a shortened link via bit.ly)Here’s a template that you can use for the text in your YouTube video description:Music by Approaching Nirvanahttp://youtube.com/user/approachingnirvanaSong: Fade AwayBuy the song on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/fade-away/id554648093?i=554648507&uo=4 And that’s it! We love supporting the YouTube community and will do our best to continue our commitment to make our music available for use within YouTube.*NOTE* Listed below are songs which are not covered by our license:Will Rain – Approaching NirvanaWill Rain (Extended Mix) – Approaching NirvanaSubliminal Message Continuous Mix – Approaching Nirvana (if Will Rain can be heard in the part you’re using)Worth a Thousand Pictures – Approaching NirvanaWorth a Thousand Pictures (Extended Mix) – Approaching NirvanaLapse in Time Continuous Electronic Mix – Approaching Nirvana (if Worth a Thousand Pictures can be heard)Approaching Nirvana vs Morgan Page (ft. Lissie) – The Longest Beer [Mashup]Arrow In The Knee (Dubstep Parody) [feat. TryHardNinja] – Approaching NirvanaFallen Kingdom (Approaching Nirvana Remix) – TryHardNinjaFallen Kingdom (Approaching Nirvana Extended Remix) – TryHardNinjaMinecraft Style Remix – Approaching NirvanaTake Back the Night (Approaching Nirvana Remix)Take Back the Night (Approaching Nirvana Extended Remix)Survive the Night (feat. Aureylian)Some Chords (Dillon Francis Remix) [Approaching Nirvana Remix]Darude Sandstorm (Approaching Nirvana 2015 Remix)Approaching Nirvana – Witnessed [Ninety9Lives Release]Approaching Nirvana – To See You [Ninety9Lives Release]Approaching Nirvana – Dare [Ninety9Lives Release]

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