He/She/it das s muss mit

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normalerweise auch ein s

He runs, drinks, and goes to school

Was hier bislang noch niemand erwähnt hat, sind die Verben be und have, sowie die Modalverben.

be = sein = unregelmäßig: I am, you are, he/she/it is, we are, you are, they are

have = haben = unregelmäßig: I have, you have, he/she/it has, we have, you have, they have

Modalverben (can, may, must, will, would, could, shall, should, ought to) sind in allen Personen gleich, also auch kein -s in der 3. Person Einzahl (he/she/it), z.B.


  • I can, you can, he/she/it can, we can, you can, they can
  • I may, you may, he/she/it may, we may, you may, they may


:-) AstridDerPu

Bei jedem Verb -s bzw -es anhängen: He goes, he watches, he leaves, he takes... Das gilt aber nur für SIMPLE PRESENT!

ENGLISCH (He/She/It = doesnt?


Muss bei einer Verneinung bei he/she/it doesnt vorkommen und wenn kein he/she/it vorkommt in einem Satz don't stehen ?

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"he, she, it das s muss mit" Was ist alles "it"?

also he/she ist klar...aber was fällt alles unter it ? Danke!

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Charakterisierung Englisch: Looking for Alaska (Miles)

Ich soll als benotete Hausaufgabe in Englisch eine Charakterisierung über Miles, eine Person von Looking for Alaska schreiben. Könnt ihr mir ein paar Verbesserungsvorschläge geben und mich auf Grammatikfehler und so hinweisen?

Miles Halter, a 16 years old boy, is the main character of the book “Looking for Alaska” from John Green. Tired of his boring and lonely life in Florida, he decides to go to a boarding school in Alabama. He is very tall but skinny and looks weak with his thin arms. At his first day in boarding school he watches himself in the mirror and feels embarrassed, because he do not like his outward appearance (p.13, l. 7-11). His first friend at Culver Creek, the boarding school, Chip Martin, describes his legs as „chicken legs“(p.19, l.22), but Alaska, his second friend, says that he is cute. Chip give him the ironically nickname „Pudge“, because of his scrawny appearance. Before Miles come in boarding school, he lived with his parents in Florida and visited a public school. In this school he was unsocial and unpopular, that is the reason why he did not had friends. So he wants like his father, uncles, and cousins go to Culver Creek. To find more friends, he is trying to be cool. For example he wears his shorts just below his hips (p.17, l. 29). Miles behaves quiet and hates being careful (p.15, l. 32), but is also friendly and funny. His jokes prove that, which he is telling sometimes, because he just wants to look like a funny person and find more friends. Often the interaction with new people he meets is difficult, because he is shy, unsure and not good at small talk (p.8, l.12). But still he get a girlfriend named Lara and find good friends, Chip, Alaska and Takumi.
Miles fell in love with Alaska (p.134, l. 9), but she has a boyfriend called Jake, so Miles is sad and disappointed. Still he hopes that one day she will love him and he would have a relationship with her. So it is a lot harder for him as Alaska died at a car accident and he feels guilty about that (p. 157, l.34). In the whole book Miles hope to find the „Great Perhaps“which the poet Francois Rabelais was talking about (p.9, l.21-23). First Miles was shy and had no friends, but this change in the story. Later he is more self-confident and finds friends. He does not have a boring life anymore; just like his father in former times he makes pranks and makes a lot interesting experiments.

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Bei einer Person he, she oder it?

Wenn ich im Englischen über eine Person spreche die ich nicht kenne und auch ihr Geschlecht nicht weiß, sagt man dann he, she oder it?

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It don't matter/ It doesn't matter?

In dem Lied " Black or white" von Michael Jackson heißt es doch " I don't matter ..", aber die Regel heißt heißt ja he,she,it das es muss mit". Wieso ist das so? Ist das eine feststehende Ausdruck? Oder hab ich mich verhört?

Vielen Dank im Voraus!

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Their children speak english. Warum kommt bei 'speak' kein 's' dran?

He She It das s muss mit, würde children nicht auch dazu gehören und speak müsste ein s bekommen??? Ich weiß das, dass ohne s richtig ist, aber zählt es nach der Regel he she it bei children nicht dazu und speak müsste ein s bekommen?

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