Here is a list of the 10 things which you should avoid?

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Vom Fragesteller als hilfreich ausgezeichnet

Ist richtig, aber ohne das "which" klingt es besser.

Könnt ihr bitte in meinem Aufsatz (Englisch) nach Fehlern gucken?

würde mich freuen wenn sich das jemand anguckt und korrigiert.

In my text I want to write about the topic "thrill seeking young teenagers no risks - no fun" and what I think about that. Doing risky things can give you an adrenaline rush teenagers love this, they consciously choose the danger. But young people have fewer overview of the consequences, as adults. Fun and full risk costs very many lives. That need not be. For example, in amusement park you have also an adrenaline rush. But this risk there is protected. In sport safety equipment reduce the risk, a danger always remains. Extreme sports or illegal things like train surfing or theft is not for me. Safety is most important to me. In my opinion, no one should risk his life or his freedom for an adrenaline rush. Bad experiences of other young people are a lesson to me. I avoid any possible risk. I love playing piano. Playing the piano in front of people gives me an adrenaline rush and there are no dangers. Some young people take a risk in order to look good in front of a group represents. This is something I would not do. There are lots of low-risk activities and sports which are good fun, too. The fun of smoking, drinking alcohol or taking drugs is no more fun, if you think about the long-term risks. Thrilling PC games do a kick and fun. this can happen no fatal accidents. By the way, you can get an adrenalin rush even at board games. This is just as fun. Finally, I would add that in every person's health should come first and consider the risks before.

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Englisch Klassenarbeit über Australien.

Hallo, Ich muss in meiner nächste Arbeit einen Text über Australien schreiben und wollte mal fragen ob mein Text, den ich geschrieben habe, gut ist.

Dear ..., I spend my holidays in Australia, because my friend has told me, that Australia is very interesting. Do you know the History of Australia? The History of Australia is very Amazing, so i want to Tell you Sonpmething about the History. In 16th Century, the Humans Startes to arrive, but many People are died, because they have to Fight in blöde Fights. In 1901, Australia which is the smalles continent, was founded. Yesterday we have visit the Ayers Rock, which is also fallen Uluru. The Uluru is a really sacred place for the Aboriginies, therefore you have to show respect. The Ayers Rock is in the middle of nowhere, so it's really difficult to arrive to the Ayers Rock. Fortunately, there are a Pool in our hotel, because it's very hot ans dry. Today we want to go to the kargest coral reef in the world, which is called Great Barrier Reef. Do you know that you can see the Great Barrier Reef from space with the naked eye?It's really beautiful, the Blue water, the blue sky and the 2.000 species of animals. Another highlight in Australia is Sydney. Sydney, which is the biggest city in Australia, isn't the capital, because the capital is Canberra. I think The Most interesting sight is the Opera House, which is surrounded by water on three sides. So, Australia is a really wonderful country and i want you to go to Australia.

Dear ...

Wie findet ihr den Text oder habt ihr Verbesserungsvorschläge? Danke für eure Hilfe ;)

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Habe ich die Sätze richtig ins passiv geformt?

Hallo Leute,

könnte jemand der fit in den Zeiten bei Englisch, mal drüber schauen, ob ich es hier richtig gemacht habe?

Sätze sollen von Aktiv ins Passiv gestellt werden:

Everyone interested in mathematics should read this book

passiv: 1. This book should be read by everyone interested in mathematics ?

oder müsste es This book should have been read by...

wegen dem interested? Aber ich glaube da gerade jetzt gesprochen wird, müsste die erste form passen.

A hired assassin appears to have killed the journalist

Passiv :

2.the journalist has been killed by a hired assassin

das to have irritiert mich ein bisschen in dem Satz. Aber wenn ich stumpf ins passiv umschreiben muss, wäre es ja has(wegen the journalist)

3.only skilled personnel should carry out repairs.

passiv: Repairs should be only carried by skilled personnel.

4.all applicants whose native language is not German must take test.

passiv: The test must be taken by all applicants whose native language is not German.

5.Burglars may have killed the couple


The couple have to may killed by bulgars.

6.In the drawer was a smartphone which the previous occupant of the room must have forgotten.

hier weiß ich leider nicht weiter.

und der letzte Satz

automatic telescopes are discovering an increasing number of comets.

Number of comets are being increased discovered by automatic telescopes.

Das war der letzte Satz. Ich wäre euch sehr dankbar, wenn ihr meine Fehler korrigieren könntet und evtl noch sagen könntet, was genau falsch gemacht worden ist.


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