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Mobile phones are a very important thing in our life. I believe it is very interesting to discuss this topic. Most -- people today have got a mobile phone. In this comment, I want to show you whether or not mobile phones are really useful . Should we get rid of them? First of all, mobile phones are very important today, about 90% of the inhabitants of Germany have got a mobile phone. Many people think they cannot live without them. With a mobile phone you have many options. (Satzstellung) You cannot only phone (--) somebody. There is for instance also an alarm clock, a (phone) directory, a diary (calendar ist immer ein Wandkalender) ,... . Moreover, (Also ist kein Satzanfang) you can send messages to your friends and with most of them you can also take photos (Satzstellung). Of course, this is really good, because without

the mobile phone you will have to carry all of them separately with you (Satzstellung, Stil): a camera, an alarm clock,... . That would be much more difficult (heavier bezieht sich nur auf das Gewicht). But there are not only pros in favour of mobile phones, there are also cons.

Today, a few people depend on them. (???) Many people spend a lot of time with them- too much time. As a consequence they have not got so much time for other things. Secondly, a mobile phone does not work at some places, when there is an area of no reception. If you really depend on it, that will be a catastrophe for you. Another pro is, that you can take your mobile phone with you. That is really important.

In my opinion, we should not get rid of mobile phones, because they are very important in our life. Of course, there are also people who don´t use mobile phones. But I think it everybody has to decide on their own whether or not to use them. I think it is not good to depend on them, but to use them is helpful. In any case, mobile phones are **really useful.

Nicht schön aber selten. Bei dem langen Text fehlt mir dafür aber die Zeit.

Du solltest vielleicht auch mal ein gutes (online) Wörterbuch zu Rate ziehen, z.B. pons.eu, dict.cc, leo.org usw.

:-) AstridDerPu

Vielen Dank für deine Hilfe, viele der Fehler hatte ich in der geänderten Fassung (unten ) auch schon verbessert, aber du warst trotzdem eine große Hilfe. Vielen Dank :)


mach erst mal ne rechtschreibprüfung.. da sind sehr viele schreibfehler drinne.. die wirste ja wohl ohne uns korrigieren können.. wird vermutl. eh gleich gelöscht..

wurde zwar nicht gelöscht, aber ja, mache ich!


siehe oben ;)


Kann mir jemand helfen bei dieser Englisch argumentation?

Da ich in englisch nicht die beste bin könnt ihr mir ja vielleicht helfen :) Wir sollten eine argumentation zum Thema soziale Netzwerke gut oder schlecht? Das alles in englische. Wär nett wenn ihr euch meine Argumentation mal anschaut und mir Fehler sagt die ich dann berichtigen kann. A statistic of the website www.lessenstiel.lu shows us that we use a wide variety of social networks. For example 71% use Facebook, 52% Instagram and 41% Snapchat, that are only a few social networks of the many we use. We would like to know if social networks are good or bad for us. In the following comment I will discuss whether social networks are good or bad for us.

First of all I think with social networks is communication easier. It is because you can communicate with people all over the world, if they have the social network too. Look at a example a member of your family life in another country than you can communicate with them over social networks like facebook or snapchat.

Not only that, I also think that important informations are fast distribute. You can write a text on a social network and all your friends can read them. Let me give you an example, if you are pregnant you can write a text on a social network and all your friends know this import Information.

In contrast to this is a point against social networks that the personal contact will be less. Many people communicate only about social networks.

Another significant point is that the persons in the social network are not always real. In a social network you can choose our age, your name and other personal Informations but no one knows if the Informations are right. If the profile looks good you think they are friendly, Unfortunately we can not be sure that the person isn´t lying, maybe the person you trust is a criminal.

Weighing the pros and cons, I come to the conclusion that social networks have pros and cons. It is important to mention that dangers are everywhere and that is why in future many people will use the social networks too. Everyone must decide for themselves which social network they use and how often. Danke im vorraus :)

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