Hallo Community, im Unterricht beschäftigen wir uns mit dem Thema "going abroad". Nun haben wir im Unterricht Berichte von Leuten gelesen, die ein Auslandsjahr?

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Beim ersten Durchlesen würde ich sagen: 

Im ersten Abssatz:

 - ersetze "mean" durch "think", so ergibt der Satz mehr Sinn, wenn ich ihn richtig verstehe

zweiter Absatz: 

- ich würde "support" hier ins simple present setzen, da es kein andauernder Prozess ist

- achte darauf, dass du im letzten Satz an alle "reasons for going abroad" ein -ing anhängst, wie du es bei dem ersten ("improving language and social skills") schon gemacht hast

dritter Absatz: 

- siehe zweiter Absatz: -ing anhängen nicht vergessen

- zwischen "adapt" und dem Objekt kommt ein "to" 

- advice steht immer im Singular

- nach although kein Komma

- das "as you said" könntest du eleganter in den Satz einfügen anstatt es hinten dranzuhängen :) 

Kann sein dass ich einiges übersehen habe, vielleicht finden andere hier noch mehr 

Ich sollte ein Text zum Thema "Hitzefrei" schreiben, in dem ich meine Meinung repräsentiere, könnt ihr mir sagen ob der grammatikalisch korrekt ist?

Ich sollte ein Text zum Thema "Hitzefrei" schreiben, in dem ich meine Meinung repräsentiere, lönnt ihr mir sagen ob der grammatikalisch korrekt ist, es ist keine ERÖRTERUNG. Ich bringe noch mehr Arfumente rein :D

Lots of teenagers want a day off because of exessive heat in their school. I think the teachers should allow the teenagers a day off because of excessive heat, for different reasons, that I am going to explain:

Sometimes teachers think it's not good that the teenagers have a day off because of excessive heat, because it is important to learn more in the school. Also, it would be better that the teacher will allow it to have a day off because of excessive heat for the teenagers in their school, because it has a massive effect on the healthy for them, for example for the psychic.

To sum up, I think teachers should allow a day off because of excessive heat for the teenagers in their schools, because it is good for the healthy.

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9klasse englisch HA--Traumberuf

Ich muss für morgen einen Text über meinen Traumberuf schreiben und wollte fragen ob das so richtig ist?

My dream job to be a actor.I like to play different charters and be on a stage.The attentiveness who give the people you is wonderful.In the job you must by heart many scrips. Also you must be openminded for new things. Sometimes you must play with people who you not like,but you must be cool and friendly and take the plunge and adapt.The best thing in the job is when the act are ready and you play it on a stage for many people and after the show all people applaud for you.

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letter of complaint HILFE

Knt ihr mir bitte helfen und mir sagen ob es zu viele Absze sind und ausbessern und sowas halt danke :DD

Bei den Abszen bin ich mir nicht sicher aber meine Lehrerin hat mir mal eins ausgebessert und hat die absze so gelassen und eins dazu keine Ahnung, ich hab so ein Gefl dass es zu viele sind


Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing to complain about my holiday i spent in Irland in your hotel.

Right on arrival, at the Abbeyglen Castle there was no porter. My family and I had to carry our suitcases by ourselves, but we thought the situation was going to get better.

The next day, however was not any better. As we could not visit the sauna and the spa pool than advertised , we got dissapointed because we thought that was going to be the highlight in our stay at the hotel, but everything was under construction.

As expected, we entcounterd another problem. In actual fact we had a wonderful day in the car park but we noticed the camera from our car got stolen and that was a real problem for us.

However, that was not all. We thought it could not get any worse but it did: The nights there were horrible, we could not sleep because the neighbouring disco was too noisy.

It would be very kind if you could, more often take a look at that what you advertise and do in real life because you could anger many costumers this way.

If you take my concers seriously, you change your advertismend and make sure that you dont make promises that you can not keep.

I am looking forward to your prompt reply.

Yours sincerily

Scherin Kat

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Kann mir jemand korrigieren? googleübersetzer vertrauue ich nicht. wäre echt lieb..?

i want someone to love me but if he just ends up breaking my heart like everyone else its not gonna be worth it but how do u know until u try and like. I like him but idk im scared because last time i got that whole "im not gonna hurt you" bullshit but still happened

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Kann mir jemand diese Bewerbung für eine Bildungsreise nach England korrigieren?

Hier der Text:

I am writing to you to express my interest in the offer to take part in an educational journey to England. I believe, I have the right qualifications for the excursion to England, because I am able to speak and write in English nearly fluent and I improved my English skills multiple times during vacations abroad. Because I may want to study abroad someday, it would be a unique chance to visit the Oxford University to get an impression of studying in the United Kingdom, but I am also very interested to learn more about the British culture and history.

I believe after you have reviewed my application you will see that I possess the required skills. I am looking forward to hear soon about the results. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Englisch - Letter of application - Gibt es Vrebesserungsvorschläge?

Dear Mr.Hall, I am writing to you about the advertisement for an experienced waiter for your exclusive restaurant. And I read the ad with great interest yesterday, and now I want to apply for this job this summer. I am 15 years old and a hard-working, experienced person. I speak fluent English and German, and have a basic knowledge of French. I would like to improve my speaking skills with this job. Since I am fourteen I work for a home of the eldery as a waiter, so I have experiences in serving people and working in a team. And I am very interested in this job, because I like to be in contact with people and I like to smile. I think this is a very important thing, being friendly. People like to get their male from friendly, smiling people. To add, I am a fast learner, I will appear to your team quick and be part of your team after two days, I think. I am prepared to work overtime during busy times of the year. As you you will see from the enclosed CV I actually did one internship abroad in a british restaurant near London during the summer holidays. I spend my freetime for swimming, playing the piano or working in the home of the eldery. With this letter,I enclose my CV and I am available for an interview at any time and can be contacted at my home telephone number given above. I look forward to hearing from you and be graceful for your time. Yours Sincerely

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