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Wales is a small country (we speak about. I will tell you some facts about Wales. 
The Sea is always close by.
The Wales Flag shows a red dragon, white a green on a white background. In 1807 = eightteen hundred and seven, the red dragon was shown the first time on the Flag of Wales.
Two million eight hundred thousand people live in Wales. Many ofs them live in fishing Village or big Towns like Welshpool, Newport or in the Capital Cardiff. 

In Wales they speak one of the eldest languages in Europ. It’s a strange old Celtic. People fight for their language because it is an important part of their culture and tradition. Only 20% of the people speak Welsh so children shoul learn the language at school.

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10.01.2017, 23:41

Vielen Dank fürs Sternchen :)


Leider wimmelt es in Deinem Text so sehr von Fehlern, dass man hier gar nicht alle korrigieren kann.

Hier mal einige Korrekturen:

The country I am going to talk about is Wales, a small country located near the Irish Sea.  The Welsh flag shows a red dragon with...

In 1807 these symbols were used for the first time in a Welsh flag.

The population of Wales is 2.8 million.

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