Haben Soziale Netzwerke Auswirkungen auf die Schulleistung?

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Social Networks make it possible for us to get in contact with our friends and to be up to date what’s happening in the world. But to much social networking isn’t good for our school marks. Especially teenagers wasting their time on social networks instead of learning. As I said in my last comment, your grammar will get worse when you only communicate in social networks. Additionally you can get a lack of concentration and a sleep disorder when you spend too much time in social networks. But there are also useful facts, for using social networks for our school work. You can discuss over solutions and compare homeworks over social media. Another important point is, that you can learn together without meeting each other, for example when they live to far away. In addition you can also organise a school project per social media. A good example is a whatsapp group with your project partners to decide who has got what to do, for example at weekends, when you can't meet them in school. Personally, I believe that spending too much time in social media isn't good for our school marks. But these days most teenagers can't live without social networks. In my opinion social networks are not a bad thing, but we should find a healthy middle.

Ich glaub, ich habe alle Grammatikfehler entfernt 😉

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