Habe mich extra kurz gehalten. Begründung für einen Schüleraustausch in China. Kann man das so schreiben?

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Weil es nicht übertrieben klingen soll?

Es sollte aber schon nach Aufwand und Bemühungen klingen. Die wollen etwas über dich erfahren! Es gibt doch bestimmt noch etwas tiefergreifende Gründe, zum Beispiel Faszination für die Geschichte Chinas oder eine Freundin aus China oder irgendetwas. Das muss auf alle Fälle noch ausführlicher werden.

Wenn du den Text so abgibst, nehmen die dich ganz bestimmt nicht...

Ich habe meine Bewerbung schon abgegeben. Das ist nur eine Vorbereitung für das Gespräch. Ja es gibt vieles was dafür spricht. Faszination der Geschichte , der Menschen, Religiöse Feiertage, Sitten/Gebräuche. Aber ob ich das alles erwähnen soll weiß ich eben nicht. Freunde aus China habe ich leider überhaupt nicht.. Das ist auch ein Grund dafür. Man hat ja danach mit vielen auch noch Kontakt. 


I would like to do my exchange year in China because I
have great interest at this country and his history. I am open minded for  your culture and your everyday life. I like
your religion celebrates.  I want to
learn your  language and  attend your school. So besser?


Wenn du diese Personen direkt ansprichst, solltest du bei "your" bleiben. "I want to learn your language and attend your school."

Ok danke. Ist es sonst ok oder fehlt noch was?


Sag es lieber so -> I am interested in!! the/ your country. At geht hier nicht :) 

Ok :)


Ich habe gesehen du hast schon ein Austauschsjahr gemacht. Hast du Vielleicht irgendwelche Tipps für mich? Ich weiß ja nicht so richtig was ich bei den Gespräch auf Englisch oder generell gefragt werde. Sollte man das einfach auf sich zukommen lassen? Sind die Fragen auf Englisch schwer gewesen? Mit welcher Orga warst du weg?  Danke schon mal.


Ich bin ehrlich gesagt noch mitten in meinem Austauschjahr :) ich hatte auch bedenken bei dem Gespräch vor allem hatte ich Angst das ich die Frage nicht verstehe obwohl mein Englisch recht okay war. Die Frau war Mega nett und hat mich so simple Basic stuff gefragt - wieso möchte ich nach Australien ? ( Interesse an dem Land etc ) - wie würde für mich das perfekte ats aussehen ( gute Noten , Freunde , gute Familie etc ) ,und solche Fragen eben , bei mir war es teils auf deutsch teils aus englisch , danach habe ich ein Blatt bekommen wo 4 fragen auf englisch waren die ich beantworten sollte und dann vorlesen sollte.

Es ist auf jeden Fall machbar. Es ist nichts woher man Angst haben sollte denn es ist super easy , die Leute waren Mega Nett und die Stimmung war locker

Ich wünsche dir viel Erfolg :)❤️


Englisch Oberstufe: summary über "keeping In Touch"

Ist meine summary so korrekt und gut? The Article keeping in Touch written by James Smith and published in Year 2014, deals with the most important aspects of keeping in touch. Today You can't more think away of the technology and the Internet. We use it everyday for business and of course for talking together to keep in touch with your friends and families. So with your smartphone you can Talk with your Friends and naturally write text messagers like whatsapp whenever and whereever you are. This ist a great think and its to easy but also fast. Overall we can day that the Internet has gone portable. Anyway you can communicate with your friends via Social Networks Sites and can send or Share photos,messages and of course if you want Gombe closer you can do Phone falls like Face to Face. Finale with Smartphones,tablets and the Social Media Networking Sites you can alyways keep in Touch with your Friends.

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Korrektur lesen in Englisch?

Hallo liebe Community,

ich möchte mich bei einer Au-Pair Familie bewerben und mein Anschreiben auf Englisch schreiben. Es wäre sehr lieb wenn jemand das Korrektur lesen könnte.

Vielen Lieben Dank

Dear , , and

my name is and I'm a student from Germany. I just read your profile and it sounded pretty sympathetic.

At the moment I'm attending senior classes and I would love to belong to your family from on. As you can read on my profile I have a little brother and an older sister and I like to spend time with them or my friends.

Your two little boys would definitely beat me in chess but that doesn't matter I think.

I like to play Lego as well because I and my little brother are really fascinated to build new buildings or cars together.

I would describe me as an active person. I have a dog and take her every day for a walk, either by feet or by bicycle.

I also have my driving license and could drive them to school if that is needed. Since my mother tongue is german there should be no problem to teach and German. I'm also learning Spanish for 2 years in school now and can speak it a little and hope to improve my skills when I'm at yours.

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Letter of motivation - kann jemand probelesen?

Hallo, Ich wurde bei einer Organisation für Freiwilligendienste im Ausland angenommen und jetzt muss ich mich bei den einzelnen Einsatzstellen bewerben. Dafür muss ich jeweils ein englisches Motivationsschreiben verfassen. Das erste habe ich jetzt fertig, jedoch habe ich mit damit echt schwergetan. Kann es vielleicht jemand probelesen und Verbesserungsvorschläge geben?

Das würde mir echt helfen und vielen Dank schon einmal im Vorraus. Habt keine Hemmungen so zu kritisieren, wie ihr es für richtig haltet.

Letter of motivation

Dear Ms XXX,

Hereby I apply for a position within your volunteer programm. My name is XXX and I am 18 years old. Currently, I am doing my Abitur, which is similar to the British A-Levels, at the XXX, a compehensive school in XXX, Germany.

After school, I would love to visit Amsterdam on the one hand to improve my personal soft skills, including learning a new language, experiencing a new lifestyle, living an more independant life, and taking reponsebility. One might suppose that there are no cultural differences between Germany and the Netherlands because they are so close, but I think, that I will get to know quite a different culture. On the other hand I want to do something usefull, something not only I will benefit from.

As working at a school contains a lot of work with children, it is very interesting for me and I really want to support your project. I already have some experience in working with children. The village I used to live in organises troughout the year different events for children, for example hiking or forest days and different handicraft activities. I was often involved in these events and helped to look after the children.

The fact that your school association is based on the Waldorf Pedagogy catched my interest in doing my voluntary service at the XXX with finality. In my opinion Waldorf Pedagogy is a really good form of educating children. This is why I want to learn more about it and I would like to experience it. I, for myself, have never been at an school like this but about three years ago I changed to the school I am recently at. That had an big impact on me because it is an school which focuses on the students to evolve their own personality. So I want to become a part of a team which allows children to evolve as the person they are and which benefits their creativity and other skills they are willing to learn.

I am not only good in interacting with children, but also I can do office work. In 2013, I had an 3-Week internship as clerk in public administration which came naturally to me. Additionaly I am always geared up to deal with something. It is no bother for me if I have to sweep the yard or to carry out repairs.

I would be very happy if I could do my volunteer service at the XXX and I think that I am suitable for this place of assignment.

Yours sincerely

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Englische Abschlussprüfung, Verbesserungsvorschläge?

Morgen habe ich meine mündliche Englisch Abschlussprüfung (Realschule, Bayern) und wollte hier mal nach Meinungen und Verbesserungsvorschläge für ein paar der expressions fragen.

"Nice to meet you. First of all, i'd like to introduce myself. My name is xy and what's your name?"

"When is your date of birth?"

"After my graduation im going to attend the further educational college in xy. What are your plans after school?" (suche hier noch ein anderes Wort für attend)

"It's been a pleasure talking to you"

"I look forward to speaking to you again in the future"

Höre gerne weitere expressions oder sonstige Tipps.

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Kann mir jemand diese Bewerbung für eine Bildungsreise nach England korrigieren?

Hier der Text:

I am writing to you to express my interest in the offer to take part in an educational journey to England. I believe, I have the right qualifications for the excursion to England, because I am able to speak and write in English nearly fluent and I improved my English skills multiple times during vacations abroad. Because I may want to study abroad someday, it would be a unique chance to visit the Oxford University to get an impression of studying in the United Kingdom, but I am also very interested to learn more about the British culture and history.

I believe after you have reviewed my application you will see that I possess the required skills. I am looking forward to hear soon about the results. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Englisch - Letter of application - Gibt es Vrebesserungsvorschläge?

Dear Mr.Hall, I am writing to you about the advertisement for an experienced waiter for your exclusive restaurant. And I read the ad with great interest yesterday, and now I want to apply for this job this summer. I am 15 years old and a hard-working, experienced person. I speak fluent English and German, and have a basic knowledge of French. I would like to improve my speaking skills with this job. Since I am fourteen I work for a home of the eldery as a waiter, so I have experiences in serving people and working in a team. And I am very interested in this job, because I like to be in contact with people and I like to smile. I think this is a very important thing, being friendly. People like to get their male from friendly, smiling people. To add, I am a fast learner, I will appear to your team quick and be part of your team after two days, I think. I am prepared to work overtime during busy times of the year. As you you will see from the enclosed CV I actually did one internship abroad in a british restaurant near London during the summer holidays. I spend my freetime for swimming, playing the piano or working in the home of the eldery. With this letter,I enclose my CV and I am available for an interview at any time and can be contacted at my home telephone number given above. I look forward to hearing from you and be graceful for your time. Yours Sincerely

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