Habe ich Fehler bei im Text englisch?

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This story is about a girl called nina and today is her birthday. Her brother
David and some friends planned a trip to the Kakadu National Park as a
birthday surprise. The group has an argument about what to do. Nina and
Mike want to go swimming in a freshwater billabong, but David disagrees.
He is worried about the salty water crocodiles, which could be there. They
arrive at the park and the rest of the day went quite normal. On the next day
the group does some rock climbing, but while they do this, Mike and Nina
disappear. David and Cathy worry and David hurt his foot. After long waiting, Mike & Nina come back to the small group. When Nina is alone with
David, she tells him that she and Mike were at a lower pool, but than a
crocodile appeared at the other side. They ran and climbed a rock, so
nothing bald could happened. Nevertheless it was a big shock.

so hört es sich etwas besser an. (:

salty water crocodile - ein salziges Wasser Krokodil?


The rest of the day went on normal

glaub ich, aber ist sehr schön geschrieben👍

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