Habe Englisch Text geschrieben und würde bitten ,dass ihn mir jemand verbessert?

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Der Inhalt deines Essays ist gut, sogar sehr gut.

Arbeite mal an der sprachlichen Ausführung. Die ist mir zu lang zum korrigieren.

CookieIsHere 17.08.2016, 12:58

Denke und mit sprachlicher Ausführung meinst du sicher Grammatik oder ?? 


In this article we want to illustrate the relevant information about work and how everybody should prepare for an interview.

Especially young people should be well prepared for a job interview.
First of all, it is very important to go early to bed so you are nottired in the morning. And probably the most important advice is not being late. This is the worst thing that can happen, so make sure you are some minutes earlier at the interview. Better to be early than too late.                                                                There are also rules of behaviour during  the interview.                             Second of all, the dress code is very important. For boys tank tops or clothing which exposes a lot of your body are a no-go. The same rules for girls meaning no short skirts or tops. If you have tattoos or piercings try to hide them because many employers don’t like it. Your hands and nails should be always clean. Another taboo is to wear a hat during the interview so when you're entering the interview take it off.                                                              Things you should never do in an interview, is to sit down without being asked or to slouch. This is very unrespectful.                                                                Things you should do at first is to shake hands and to greet your interviewer. Show him good manners and speak only if you are asked. If you arrived with your parents, ask them to wait outside.

After the interview you can say something like “ Thanks for the interview. “                       so  the interviewer will know you are grateful for the meeting.

All in all, these tips are very useful helping getting the job you want.                     And with every interview you will get better at it.

Der Text ist gut geschrieben, sehr flüssig und verständlich.                                            Bei den Benimmregeln hättest du noch Beispiele mitangegeben können, und viele Sätze beginnen mit "Things", die könntest du umstellen oder den Teil mit "Things" weglassen. :)  Sonst ist der Text super!

LG Birdo

...First of all, it is very important that you go to bed early, so you don't be tired in the morning....

Ich würde an mancher Ecke noch ein paar Kommas einfügen, aber sonst gut gelungen.

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