Gute Song-Zitate :-)?

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True friends stab you in the front.
So you can throw me to the wolves, tomorrow I will come back, leader of the whole pack.
Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die.
We can't die, we're dead inside.
Every scar will build my throne.
If you sing along a little fucking louder to a happy song, it'll be alright.
I've died a thousand times.
You say you're changing everything, quit saying anything.
No, death can touch the crooked young.
They came like moths to a flame.
Who wants flowers when you're dead?
There's a hell, believe me I've seen it, there's a heaven, let's keep it a secret.
When you die the only kingdom you'll see is two food wide and six food deep. (Grab)
What you call faith I call a sorry excuse, cloak and daggers murder the truth.
My soul can be saved if I sell you my sins.
Even hell can get comfy once you've settled in.
The funny things is all I ever wanted I already had.

I've seen a rich man beg
I've seen a good man sin
I've seen a tough man cry

I've seen a loser win
And a sad man grin
I heard an honest man lie

I've seen the good side of bad
And the down side of up
And everything between

I licked the silver spoon
Drank from the golden cup
Smoked the finest green

-what it's like_everlast

I can be your everything and  and everyday your enemy or everyday your memorie ~ Witt lowry - i can be

Open your mind but not your legs
Give them the mind but not the head.
~ Witt Lowry - dinner for two

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