Gibt es vergleichbare paranormal TV-Shows wie z.B. "My Ghost Story - Caught on camera"?

My Ghost Story - (USA, Australien, Großbritannien)

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Naja ich würde dir zu Tlc Paranormal Survial,Verflucht, Haunted-Verlorende Seelen, Verflucht Doku auf Dmax,Alaska X und vielleicht Ghost Hunter 

und Psifactor

Aber die sind auch alle nachgestellt

Paranormale Erfahrung

Hallo leute ich habe mal eine kleine frage an euch habt ihr schon Paranormale erfahrung gemacht bitte ernstgemeine erfahrungen

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Hilfe bei einem Englisch aufsatz!

Könnt ihr mir helfen mein sehr, sehr sehr kurzer aufsatz wird benotet und niemand möchte mir helfen es zu korigieren könnt ihr es lesen und korrigieren????? Das ist es

A exciting fishing trip I know I will still remember this day till I’m old. Because this was the most exciting day in my life. So, I had to write this story down. It was a sunny weekend in the cabin, where we had lived. On the first night my dad, my mom and I told about the following day. My father and I planned for Sunday to go to a fishing trip, during mum went to buy some paints. We got up really early to go on this trip. When we reached near the river, a strange man told us about a problem with a stray black bear in their area. I was a bit scared, but we went on this trip anyway. When we arrived the river, we saw that the man was right, when he had told us the river had been higher. Although the river was higher, we went to fishing. I was really happy, that I was the one, who caught the first delicious fish. I guess the fish was a salmon. But my luck ended soon, because we saw the first rapids. It was the first and fastest rapids I had ever seen. Suddenly dad couldn1’t hold on anymore and he fell into the water. It was difficult to drag him into the boat, but I did it. Unfortunately, his foot was broken. But our trip was not over, because of the hungry dangerous bear, we had seen. My dad said, when we pasted the black animal ,we had to be quiet and then he would disappear. But the bear wasn’t disappear. What could we had done? And in this moment my dad took without asking my fish and threw it to the bank and the bear followed it and and he was away. We were relieved, when we had seen the bear no more, so we went to the old bridge There we saw the biggest surprise on this day, the black big bear again. I was shocked at first moment, my dad couldn’t run away with his broken leg. Then I took a knife from my pocket, which I thought I would not use it. But suddenly I heard a horn,so I turned around and my mother with a shocked face. When I turned back, the bear had disappeared. And I had seen the bear never again. Danke im vorraus :D

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