gibt es politische k.pop lieder?

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Nicht wirklich politisch

Aber EXO's MAMA "Kritisiert" die Gesellschaft und Menschen wie herzlos wir geworden sind etc .

Kleiner Einblick in den lyrics :

Exo's Mama

"MAMA! Answer me, why did the people change
Did they notice the existence of that time
I have forgotten how to just hear, love and care, no longer but lost
Turning their backs while working while living

Full of envy behing that anonymous mask
Even after seeing the end, you’re still full with hunger
Are you satisfied now?

"Wouldn’t we face our eyes anymore?
Wouldn’t we communicate? Wouldn’t we love?
Tearing up to the reality that hurts
Say MAMA if you can change it, say MAMA

From a day we were behind the bars of a smart prison voluntarily
0 & 1 were used digitally to make my personality
There is no life, feelings and warmth over there, there is only trashy language
There’s a wilderness of a self-desolated one
Lonliness increases as days go by
As human beings we can only be hurt. Yeah-"

ㅠㅡㅠ so ein tolles Lied  

Ach und bang bang bang kritisiert irgendwie Nordkorea .-.


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