Geozilla zeigt einen falschen Standort?

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Hello! Thank you for your question.

Please note that GeoZilla can sometimes show inaccurate location. Accuracy depends on many factors, such as your environment and your phone. Sometimes your phone’s GPS module, cell tower or a WiFi spot you are connected to provides very inaccurate locations. Some areas might have a very poor signal or no signal at all. You can check what location the native Map app shows on your phone. If it shows the same inaccurate location, that is the reason.

To improve location accuracy on your phone, make sure you have all location services turned ON, including GPS and WiFi. GeoZilla gets locations from three sources: WiFi, cell tower signals and GPS. On the map, you are getting locations with the best accuracy.

If the above doesn't help, please contact our support team:

Finally, technology tends to be unreliable at times, so please make sure you use GeoZilla only as an added means of safety for your family.

GeoZilla Team

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