Für wen ist ´´Song for Sophie´´

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Das war die Tochter

Frage zu Bedeutung von "Song for Sophie" von Aura Dione.

Ich hab mir den Text des Liedes übersetzt, also den eigentlichen Inhalt verstanden, aber den Sinn des liedtextes verstehe ich nicht so ganz, also im Zusammenhang. Ich hab auch recherchiert, aber nur übersetzungen gefunden, also keine erläuterung zum eigentlichen sinn oder hintergrund. Falls sich Aura Dione fans mit den hintergründen zu diesem song auskennen - es würde mich interessieren was der songtext bedeutet.

vielen dank!

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Wie heißt der Hip Hop Song in den immer" Up in the air, up in the air "gesungen wird?

Ich hab den Song letztens im Club gehört . Er ging irgendwie so :" make me feel like this,up in the aaaair , up in the aaaair" . Also immer 2x "up in the air" . Und das "Up in the air" haben immer alle mit gesungen.

Vielleicht kann mir ja jemand helfen ;D Schon mal vielen Dank;)

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Könnte jemand Korrekturlesen Englischer Text?

Hallo zusammen könnte jemand über meinen Text schauen und mir ein feedback geben bzw. gucken ob alles grammatikalisch richtig ist.

Vielen Dank im Voraus.

Der Text:

It was on Monaday  the 10 of may 2008,  as the phone ring, and the doctor told my father that my mother will get my baby sister.I was 13 years old. I just remember that my sibilings and i were real excited to have a baby sister in our life that really changed everything. My littel sister was born at a very heavy time, my parents had private problems, we moved from Bremen to Aachen, on the one hand it was a very stressful time but on the other hand  the birth of my sister was a wonderful present for my parents , because they were full of happieness to had a new baby after 10 years and they forgot all their problems in this heavy time.

The day when my father saying that my baby sister was born i was so excited i screamed of exitement until i lost my breathe, when we went to the delivery room it was an incredible miracle.

My sibilings and i stood around her and looked at her, suddenly she smile to us, 

no joke she was a few hous old and smiled to us, this was a very emotinal moment for us  we couldent belive that this little worm is our sister.

The first time when i hold her was very heavy i felt like i was going to drop her but i didnt.

My baby sister was a very specially baby she was very small and she had very dark, almost black hair, a light skinned and round eys.

The hole hospital love her becouse she was so sweet.

If we went outside with her she got everywhere attention because she always similed and laughing.

I still remember exactly what her first word was, it was „ zerbes“ this means on  Kurdish watermelon, this was her favorite food until today.

Today my baby sister ist not anymore a baby , she is 10 years old and she is in the fourth grade of a primary school, she is sometimes naughty but still very loving,  i am so proud to be her big sister.

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Bitte Korrektur (Englischer Text über great Gatsby )?

Hallo, ich muss morgen mündlich ein referat halten und ich weiß mein englisch ist nicht sehr gut. Könnt ihr folgen text inhaltlich verstehen und hab ich irgendwo grammatische Fehler?

To escape from the summer heat, the group takes a suite at the Plaza Hotel. But before they can start drinking Tom tells the others about what he found out about Gatsby and his wealth. Tom finally confronts Gatsby, mocking his use of the phrase "old sport." Tom accuses Gatsby of never having been at Oxford. Gatsby clarifies that he was at Oxford, but only for five months after the end of the war. Gatsby tells Tom that Daisy never loved him. Gatsby waits for Daisy to say her line, but she doesn't, so he tells Tom, "Daisy never loved you."

But she did love him at the same time that she loved Gatsby. She didn’t say I don’t love you. She hesitates.  Gatsby replies that she plans to leave Tom and marry Gatsby. Daisy, however, refuses to confirm that she never loved Tom. Tom regards Daisy's affair with the lower-class Gatsby as one of the harbingers of the decline of civilization. Soon, Tom hisses, there will even be intermarriage between the races. Tom calls Gatsby a "common swindler" and reveals that he has made his fortune in bootlegging. Gatsby has earned his money with criminal deals like alcohol and drugstore. Tom tells Gatsby that Daisy would never leave him for a "bootlegger." As the confrontation draws to a close, Nick realizes that today is his thirtieth birthday. 

Es geht hierbei um das Buch the great Gatsby kapitel 7 den streit zwischen Gatsby und Nick.

Vielen Dank im Vorraus

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Wie heißt der Song aus der aktuellen McDonalds Werbung?

Hab schon mehrfach versucht ihn mit Shazam zu finden, leider ohne Ergebnis... Kennt den einer? Refrain ist "[...] you always there for me [...]"


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Brauche eure Hilfe in English? Es ist wichtig?

Könnt ihr mir meinen Text durchlesen und wenn ihr Fehler findet es ausbessern, da ich versuche mich zu verbessern. Ich würde mich für eure Hilfe sehr bedanken und bedanke mich im voraus . Vielen Dank für eure Hilfe

Today I will speak about young People. The important thing for the Teenagers is Clothes. For many Teenagers, it does not matter what the clothes look like, the price and the brand always important. Many teenagers say that they are too overpriced brands but still are almost all of their clothes from well-known brands.

The teenagers try to style themselves to either show-off or impress girls. They want to belong to a group to hang out with or they also make fun of the others who cannot afford expensive clothes or use their money sparingly.

Especially sports brands are very popular with boys and girls are more classic clothes. There are also some Youtubers who make videos about it and then they look at the kids and then they try to dress like their idols.

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