Fragen zu Krankenversicherung, Minijobs und Visumverlängerung als Ausländer

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Hallo donodorro12,

versuch mal hier dein Glück in der unter -> Mi­ni­jobs im ge­werb­li­chen Be­reich -> Besondere Personengruppen -> Arbeitnehmer aus anderen Ländern

Viel Erfolg wünscht dir siola!

PS.: Was ist mit einem Midijob (krankenversichert in der Gleitzone?)???

May I recommend you check-out one of the websites for Expats with English as mother-tongue such as Toytown Germany? You'll have a much better chance to get acurate info there as you'll find more people there who either have had the same experience or know about the special rules and laws for Expats from outside the EU in Germany.

Just upfront this info for you: Minijob does not come with any health insurance at all - that won't help. If you want or need a public/state health insurance, you'll have to find someone to offer you a MIDI-job (as suggested below) because that would come with compulsory public health insurance. If that is not possible, a German private health insurance won't touch you with a barge pole in your current situation. But: there are some international health insurance from EEA memberstates which are recognized thru the German authorities, too, in order to fulfill your obligation to obtain and hold adequate health insurance - that could be a solution, too, for you, if the MIDI-job does not work out for you.

For the Visa extension, check Toytown in the relevant forum where you'll find tons of info.


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