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To: Mr. Brown Date: 4th January

Subject: Language week

Introduction In order for help to make this report I have conducted a
survey about which aspects of the trip your class liked / disliked. My
findings are presented below.

Favourite Aspects In the first place I like to come to the point that
everybody liked the most. No surprise, it was the free time(was genau willst du mit den beiden sätzen sagen?). During this
time our class explored London. They went to restaurants, bars and cafes
where they often talked with locals. This was a great opportunity for
us to improve our English skills in an interesting way.

Facilities Personally I believe that the facilities are outdated.
There are no computers in the classroom and in the computer rooms are not enough, so each two students have to share one computer.
Even the furniture is in a very bad condition. In my opinion there are
some overdue investigations.

Improvement Suggestions As already discussed the facilities should be
renewed. Another big criticism was the food. It got only one
point out of ten in the survey. It is not bad but it is unaccustomed to foreign students. Maybe the school should offer some less traditional English meals.

Conclusion To put the matter in a nutshell the language week was a
great experience and we have developed our speaking skills a lot. But to
be honest I think that your school is not equipped for a foreign class.

So würde ich das machen :)

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