Fire Emblem Fates: Noch Special Editions?

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1 Antwort da hast du wohl Pech gehabt. Was die "normalen" Preise angeht. Auf Ebay findest du massenhaft Angebote, allerdings nichts unter 200$. Das ist hier ja ganz ähnlich abgegangen als bei Fallout 4. Bruder- ich fühle mit dir!

Wenn es dir wert ist dann kaufs dir- bei Xenoblade Chronicles X durfte ich auch 95€ blechen- und Wert war es mir allemal! Ob das bei Fire Emblem Fates auch so ist, weiß ich nicht. Awakening war ganz in Ordnung. -Du könntest auch abwarten- vielleicht gibt es Leute, die ihre Special Version nach dem offiziellen release verkaufen wollen- weil sie es vielleicht doppelt haben- wer weiß.

Hier habe ich noch eine Kundenmeinung gefunden- ein Grund es vielleicht doch mit der "normalen" Version zu versuchen:

"I have been reading up on the game since before the JP release, and what I have heard has left me excited for Feb.

I loved Awakening, and I saw it as a great new iteration of the series that I still play every so often today.


takes some of what was done well in Awakening and improves it. The

gameplay is a huge step up, with new features, more balanced difficulty

scaling for at least the Conquest route, and more varied objectives;

overall great, some of the best in the series.


the story is not so amazing. Two of the three routes have issues

ranging from small to glaring when it comes to story, but any more

specifics would be spoilers.


people may have problems with some of the more controversial features

introduced in this game, but it is up to the localization to see how

much of those filter through to here.


Emblem Fates has its flaws, but so does everything else, it's to be

expected. The main thing is that while those looking for an amazing

story may be slightly disappointed (or not, who knows?), those who want

fun gameplay that presents an entertaining challenge will not be. It is a

solid addition to the series that I would readily recommend."

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