Fallout Shelter Welches Attribut ist am besten wenn ich meine Vaultbewohner auf quests losschike mit Feuerwaffen?

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Die verschiedenen Werte stehen für verschiedene Dinge!


Vault:Decreased timer while working in power plants

Wastes:Needed to pry open lockers and boxes.May also affect damage done by guns.


Vault:Hit chance in combatDecreases water production timer of the Water Treatment and Water Purification rooms
Wastes:Find stuff like abandoned buildings


General:Health points gained on level up (does not increase hp retroactively, max out endurance to 10+7 outfit and then start leveling to get maximum health)Resist radiation and damage (11 Endurance = immune to radiation)
Vault:Food and water production timers of the Nuka-Cola bottler room.


Vault:Improved fertility. (Reduced time to get pregnant.)Decreases production timer in Radio room.
Wastes:Also chance of befriending people in the wastes (Gives the xp but no damage taken)Interaction with groups of slaves


Vault:Med-bay (Stims and Radaway) production timers
Wastes:Heal/help people


Vault:Food production timer of the Diner and Garden rooms.Increases attack speed.
Wastes:Run away from unwinnable fights taking less damage


Vault:Decreases chance of rush failure.Increases amount of caps earned when resources collected from a production room (also increases chance to earn those caps)
WastesAmount of loot found outside vault

Quelle: http://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/223904/what-does-each-special-stat-in-fallout-shelter-do

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