Fakten über Australien dringend?

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Oder per Wikipedia, die gibt es auch auf Englisch, da solltest du viele Informationen finden.

How many words do you have to write for your essay? I live in Melbourne, born in deutschland, so I thought I tell you a few trivial facts. One of the main reasons Australia came about was the fact, that poverty in England in pre-industrial era was so widespread, that many prisoners were likely to be sent to America as free labour because the jails were totally overcrowded. America eventually got sick of these white slaves, who turned out to be more of a nuisance and refused to work or were too rebellious. In other words, these prisoners were bad for business. When America decided they weren't accepting any more 'free labour' the English started putting all new criminals on hulks. These were disused ships in need of repair and were just sitting in the docks or anchored in the harbour. Punishment was severe in those days and there was no separation between men, women and kids in the English jails. Booze (alcohol) was the main staple and easily available. Then Australia was discovered and what better way to deal with this huge number of criminals than sending them as far away as possible, from where they couldn't escape so easily. The Aborigines were in most cases peaceful and rather confused about these strange newcomers in chains, and the captains and admirals etc.in their funny uniforms. Life in the new country proved to be extremely difficult and all the tales of a vacant, fertile land in abundance turned out to be false.Many people died, either on their long sea journey or later of starvation, syphillis and scurvy. The promised supply ships didn't come for 3-4 years and the new colony was anything but paradise. Some Aborigines mingled with the white people and were quickly introduced to alcohol and disease. The whole exercise was only in one way a success. England got rid of a portion of prisoners of whom most never saw their homeland again. Slowly though settlemnts developed here and there and many convicts eventually became citizens and received blocks of land and turned to farming or set up business or trades. Ok, that's just a brief look at the early days. Melbourne and Sydney are the 2 largest cities with around 4-4.5 Million residents respectively. Melbourne is the 2nd largest greek city, solarge was the influx of greek migrants in the 20th century. Only in Athens itself live more Greeks. Currently 1000 people move to Melbourne every week. That's 50000 per year.The government is based on the Westminster system. The rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne has always been ridiculously fierce and each city would like to claim the title of the capital city. Thus Canberra was created, literally build for governance purposes only. Australia has a tendency to emulate American values whilst strongly entrenched in it's british heritage. New Zealanders in comparison are much more british inclined and seem more confident and politically independent.Australians claim to be easygoing and humorous, which they are to a certain extent. But they can be very sensitive when it comes to their self image.They are overly concerned with what the world might think of them and the subject 'What is Australian' is of great importance. Especially to the media. Discussions around this topic are frequent. I often get the impression, that Australians don't really know, what riches they've got. Vast, beautiful beaches, almost untouched. As such a young country with so many different nationalities there are many opportunities, to find work or to learn from each other. The cousine in Melbourne is generally fantastic. Lots of variety and pretty cheap. The national sport is Aussie Rules Football. Rugby and cricket are very popular, too. In fact any sport is taken very seriously except soccer. That's because the rules in soccer are complex and intricate and the Socceroos never seem to get very far. Ok, I hope this little essay is of any help to you. Cheers

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