Fack jü Göthe 2 film plot auf englisch?

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Da der Film ein deutsch produzierter Film ist, denke ich mal das es den Film Göthe auf Englisch gibt. :D

Ich suche ja auch nur einen Text wo der inhalt auf englisch steht


Hab's gefunden! :)

Bank robber Zeki Müller has just been out of prison. Upon his release, he goes to retrieve the money he stole in order to repay a debt, but his friend buried it in a construction site. During Zeki's time in prison, the construction project was completed and his money is now buried beneath the new gymnasium at the Goethe Gesamtschule. In order to obtain the money, Zeki applies for the vacant position of a deceased janitor. However, due to a misunderstanding, he is given a job as a substitute teacher.

Lisi Schnabelstedt is a student teacher at the Goethe Gesamtschule, her former high school, because she has guardianship over her younger sister, Laura. Lisi does not impose the necessary authority to manage the students successfully.

When Ingrid Leimbach-Knorr, homeroom teacher of class 10B, attempts suicide, the management of the difficult class goes to Lisi Schnabelstedt, although the class's brutal pranks upon the new teacher quickly reduces her to tears. Zeki takes over as the substitute homeroom teacher for Lisi's former seventh grade class. In order to regain his money, Zeki works during the night in the cellar of the school on a tunnel leading to the buried money. He also copies Lisi's diploma because he does not have a high school or college education, which eventually becomes known to Lisi. She then blackmails Zeki, allowing her to get her old seventh grade class back while Zeki assumes responsibility over class 10B.

Zeki is thrown out of his living situation at a strip club, and tries to sleep in Lisi's garage. When discovered, Lisi allows Zeki to live in her basement as long as he properly teaches class 10B instead of watching films every class period.

Through unconventional methods and Lisi's soft leadership, Zeki gains the respect of the class. Although Zeki begins his time as a teacher with draconian methods including shooting students with a paintball gun and holding a student underwater, he eventually takes a softer approach and convinces the students that they do not want to become drug dealers and dependent on welfare by taking them on a field trip to visit Zeki's acquaintances who live this lifestyle. He also becomes more involved in the school by taking over the leadership of the Drama Club, which performs a modern version of Romeo and Juliet, and helping out with the Jugend forscht group. Zeki, concerned about Lisi's image amongst the class, leads the class on an excursion to paint graffiti on a train, during which a student paints the title ‘Fack ju Göhte’. As a result of this increased respect, Lisi passes her practical teaching exam with class 10B. In addition, Zeki arranges an affair for Lisi's little sister Laura with her crush Danger, as well as ensuring Lisi's continued legal guardianship of Laura by pretending to be Lisi's serious boyfriend when Laura's social worker comes to visit. Eventually Zeki finds the money in the tunnel, but the tunnel beneath the gymnasium causes the floor to break and allows Lisi to discover Zeki filling in the tunnel. When Lisi learns about Zeki's past as a criminal, she threatens to call the police if he does not leave his job and her home at once. Zeki, out of options, agrees to drive the get away car for a bank heist. As Zeki's class is about to take their final exam in German, they all take out their motivation photos. A student informs Lisi that Zeki's motivation photo is in his desk. When Lisi opens the desk, she discovers that his motivation for becoming a better person is her. A friend of Zeki's is able to convince Lisi that Zeki wants to change his ways for her.

Zeki doesn't follow through with the heist because three students stop him to ask if he will be their homeroom teacher next year and he sees the train with the ‘Fack ju Göthe’ graffiti. He sends Lisi a dress and an invitation to the prom and reports himself to the school principal. The principal wants to keep him and even hands him a falsified high school diploma with a 2.0 GPA. She informs Zeki that the class 10B has drastically improved and if they continue to work towards their high school diplomas, the school will become the best in the city. Their marks in German, previously 5's and 6's (equivalent to D's and F's), have now become better than 3's (C's).


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