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Brutal Death Metal, Grindcore, Deathgrind, Slam Metal...

•Abominable Putridy- The Anomalies of Artifical Orgin

•Aborted- The Necrotic Manifesto

•Acranius- Dishonor

•Aeon- Path of Fire

•Allegaeon- Elements of the Infinite

•Analepsy- Dehumanization by Supremacy

•Benighted- Carnivore sublime

•The Berzerker- Animosity

•Burning the Masses- Mind Control

•Cannibal Corpse- Tomb of the Mutilated

•Cattle Decapitation- The Anthropocene Extinction

•Cephalic Carnage- Misled by Certainty

•Craniotomy- Supply of the Flesh Came Just in Time

•Cryptopsy- Cryptopsy

•Decapitated- Blood Mantra

•Decaying Purity- Malignat Resurrection of the...

•Deeds to Flesh- Portals to Canaan

•Deicide- In the Minds of Evil

•Devourment- Conceived in Sewage

•Disentomb- Misery

•Dying Fetus- Reign Supreme*

•Exhumed- Gore Metal...

•Facebreaker- Dedicated to the Flesh

•Flesh Consumed- New Order of Intelligence

•Fleshless- Devoured Beyond Recognition

•General Surgery- A Collection of Depravation

•Gorgasm- Destined to Violate

•Gutfed- The Reign of Pure Madness and...

•Guttural Slug- Megalodon

•Heamorrhage- Hospital Carnage

•Hate Eternal- Infernus

•Impaled- The Last Gasp

•Job for a Cowboy- Sun Eater

•Katalepsy- Autopsychosis

•Kraanium- Ten Acts if Sickening Perversity

•Kronos- Arisen New Era

•Lock up- Necropolis Transparent

•Man Must Die- Peache was Never an Option

•Misery Index- Pulling out the Nails

•Mortician- Mortician

•Napalm Death- Apex Predator

•Necrophagist- Epitaph

•Neuraxis- Asylon

•Obscura- Omnivium

•Oceano- Ascendants

•Ouroboros- Glorification of a Myth

•Putrid Pile- Blood Fetish

•Putrified J- The Last Harvest

•Reciprocal- New Order of the Ages

•The Red Shore- The Avarice of Man

•Saprogenic- Expanding Toward Collapsed Lungs

•Six Feet Under- Crypt of the Devil

•Skinless- Trample the Weak, Hurdle  the Death

•Slamophiliac- Aphelion

•Slaughter to Prevail- Chapters of Misery

•Spawn of Possession- Incurso

•Stillbirth- Global Error

•Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition- Inventory of Fixtures

•Suffocation- Pinnacle Of Bedlam

•Terrorizer- Hordes of Zombies

•Viraemia- EP

•Volturyon- Coordinated Mutilation

•Vulvodinia- Cognizant Castigation

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Hmm Rock,Punk,Metal,Grunge grob gesagt ...

  • Drowning Pool - Anytime Anyplace
  • Black Sabbath - Paranoid
  • Avatar - Blod
  • Face to Face - Disconnected
  • Authority Zero - Lift one up
  • Killswitch Engage - My Curse
  • Thrice- Deadbolt
  • Volbeat - Fallen
  • Daughtry - September
  • Stone Temple Pilots - Plush

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- E Nomine
- AC/DC : High Way to Hell, Touch too much,
- Queen : Another one Bites the Dust
- Billy Ray Cyrus : Real Gone
- Camouflage : Shine
- Cascade : Because the Night
- Chris Stapleton : Go'n Down
- Ärzte : Schrei nach Liebe, Junge, Rebell
- Die Toten Hosen : Disco, Angst
- Eisbrecher : Böese Maedchen, Eiszeit, schwarze Witwe,  
  Verrückt,zwischen uns, This is Deutsch
- Eric Prydz : Call on me
- Fall out Boy : My Songs know what you did in the Dark
- Boyzone : Father and Son
- Genesis
- Gigi D' Agostino : The Riddle, La Passion, Another way,  
   L'Amour toujour
- Kesha : Take it off
- Martin Garrix : Animals
- Kix Brooks : Dark Canyon, Nobody's Guilty, Other Side
- Letzte Instanz : Das Stimmlein
- Liquido : Narcotic
- Maroon 5 : Animals
- Megaherz : Herz aus Stein, Heute Nacht, Schlag zurück, 
  Herzblut,Jagdzeit,  Kopf durch die Wand, 5 März, Miststück
- Moby : Lift me up
- Nickelback : Feelin' Way too Damm Good, Figured out, 
  S.E.X., This Means War
- R.I.O. feat. U-Jean : Turn This Club Around
- Rammstein : Du hast, Engel, Spring, Spieluhr, Haifisch
- Ray J : I Hit it first
- Rea Garvey : War
- Scooter : Bigroom Blitz
- Scott & Brendo : Knock the Dominoes
- Status Quo : In the Army now
- Supermode : Tell me why
- The Birthday Massacre : Forever, Beyond, Secret, to Die for
- The Bloodhound Gang : The Bad Touch
- The Road Hammers : I'm a Road Hammer
- Böhse Onkelz _ Nichts ist so hart, wie das Leben
- The Black Eyed Peas : Just Can't Get Enough
- Linken Park : What I've Done,  In the End, Numb, new
- 3OH!3 : Don't trust me
- Hoobastank : Crawling in the Dark, the Reason
- Eminem : Survival, Lose Yourself, Not Afraid
- Major Lazer & DJ Snake : Lean on

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Die Jhin einlog Musik von League of legends.Google dir mal..zu geil:D

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Kommt natürlich auf den Musikgeschmack an, aber ich hör momentan gern die Lieder von The Kooks oder The red Jumpsuit Apparatus :)

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Loudness - Heavy Chains

Holocaust - Heavy Metal Mania

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Esseri umani - Marco Mengoni

Siamo uguali - Lorenzo Fragola

Leona Lewis - Run

Probably wouldn`t be this way - LeAnn Rimes

October and April - The Rasmus

Nothing really matters - Mr.Probz

Need the Sun to Break - James Bay

Mufasa - Amaal Nuux

Maybe - Emeli Sande

Ich will nur dass du weißt - SDP und Adel Tawil

I Need you - LeAnn Rimes

Hometown - Andy Burrows

A better part of me - Dorn

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kids - MGMT

carryon wayward son - kansas

vieles von alt-j

the Pantaloon - twentyone pilots

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Momentan geh ich ziemlich auf Fox Stevenson ab. Mein absolutes lieblingslied: 

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Winterusn - Sons of Winter & Stars ist das beste Lied aller Zeiten :D

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Ich hab über 4000 Songs drauf und das ist eins davon:

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Cheap thrills -Sia 

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