Essay - Envoronmentally friendly school?

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"Not many people are aware of the climate change even though it is affecting us. Some say that schools waste too much resources even though they could do much more to be environmentally friendlier. But is that so? Can schools be "greener" or is it too late or maybe not even possible?

The first thing that needs to be said is the fact that almost every school has over 1000 students. Motivating 1000 students to recycle waste and turn off unnecessary lights is a really hard task and maybe even impossible. Another good point is the fact that environmentally friendly food or paper can be really expensive. Providing more than 1000 students and maybe 50 teachers with these kind of things can have a really big impact on the finances of the school. 

An important aspect is also the heating in schools which is sadly controlled by local authorities and cannot be turned of by school itself. One should, nevertheless, consider the problem from another point of view. If you start educating children about the environment at young age, they will start being "greener" all by themselves, not just in school but also at home. Secondly if we start saving energy in schools we also save a lot of money. Schools can for example afford environmentally friendly paper or food which is also healthier and tastes better. 

As a final point schools just have to be greener because we have to fight climate change. If we don't start now and don't overcome the difficulties or make up excuses, our future won't be the same. Our world will dry out and many animals will go extinct. In conclusion it is very possible for schools to be greener even though they will need to overcome some difficulties. So let's start being greener now before it's too late."

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