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Dear xxxx, I would like to tell you something about my little pet xxxx. Xxx is a small chihuahua baby that's one year old. My dog is feminine, that's the reason why my parents bought her all the equipment in pink. Xxxs fur is beige and white, her eyes are dark brown and she has big ears. My cute chihuahua baby is 33 cm large and 36 cm wide. Xxx doesn't eat her food, she only eats ours. She likes/loves (her favourite is) fish and noodles. My family and I feed her 3 times at day. Once in the morning, than in the afternoon and later in the evening. Every day, after my pet finishes eating, we go walk for 30 minutes. She loves the woods and sunny days. The chihuahua baby isn't the only dog in the family. My cousins have 2 dogs and xxx loves to play with them. I love my dog because she is cute, brave and she never lets me down. With her my family and I have a lot of fun. The little dog will live forever with us.

Seelensau 08.11.2015, 20:33

Nurnoch ein "Then" anstatt "Than", dann klingt es gut :)

ChickPea 09.11.2015, 00:02

female anstelle von feminine


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