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Hört sich doch gar nicht mal so schlecht an.

Dear Sir or Madam

Your company recently posted an opening for a one-week course titled “Working in the UK- Everything you need to know!” for which I am enthusiastically applying.

I am a graduate of a technical college who is flexible, adaptable and able to manage multiple priorities at the same time, (Punkt. Keine zu langen Sätzen) all of this makes me believe that I would be a strong candidate for the course. I want to join this course because I want to work abroad. I want to see how it is to working (work, -ing weg) in another countries (entweder "in another country" oder "in other countries") and I want to get (gain) new experiences. When I was("was" weglassen) read your advertise(advertisement) I was really excited about it and I thought that I want to make this course. I am confident that I have the background and skills you are seeking. I speak English and German fluently. I have no problem talking to native speakers overseas. I see myself as a hard working team player who is forward thinking, fully accountable (accountable passt hier nicht, vielleicht besser "reliable") and resilient. I have an ability to grow with a job, handle responsibility and build positive relationships with work colleagues at all levels. I am highly motivated and have a solid proficiency in software and mechanical design.

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der eine satz wäre so besser: i'd like to see what it's like working in other countries.

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Erstmal Danke für die Antoworten. Ihr helft mir damit sehr :D. 

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