English reported speech (backshift of tenses)?

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kannst das zweite "that he had" vor dem needed weglassen. Aber stimmt auch so

Aufforderungssatz oder Bitte?

Ich schreibe morgen eine KA ( bin in der 8. Klasse) und wir haben ein Arbeitsblatt bekommen ohne Lösungen diese sätze sind direct speech und ich muss sie in reported speech umwandeln. Aber ich weiss immer nicht, ob es ein Command ist oder request.



hier sind die Sätze:

`Gracie, please dont argue with Mike`

`Mike and Gracie, discuss your opinions quietly.`

´Gracie, dont use bad language in my classroom`

`Gracie. could you say sorry toMike, please?´

´Dont interrupt lessons again, Gracie.´




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Reported Speech (didn´t)

Ich habe schon wieder eine Frage zur englischen Grammatik.

Es geht um Reported Speech---- Indirekte Rede

Ich habe den Satz:

"I didn´t have much money then"

Dann ich:

"He said that he hadn´t been had much money then"

Ist das so richtig? Ich frage wegen dem didn´t.Ich bin mir nicht wirklich sicher,obs so richtig ist.

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Kann ich diese Zusammenfassung zum Buch The bottle Imp so lassen?

Hallo, ich weiß nicht, ob ich diese Zusammenfassung so stehen lassen kann! Es wäre nett, wenn ihr vielleicht mal schauen könntet, ob ich irgendwie Zeitfehler oder ähnliches drin habe .

summaryKeawe an Hawaiian, decided to go to San Francisco. There he noticed one beautiful house and stopped at it .Then the owner of the home came to him. Keawe said to the owner that he would like to have so a house, too. And so the owner meant, that he could have a house for 50 dollars when he bought a bottle with an Imp which fulfilled all his wishes . So Keawe bought this bottle. The owner of this bottle musn´t be in possession of it when he dies or his sole will burn in hell . It must sell cheaper than the owner has paid before. Keawe went to his friend Lopaka, and told him all what had done and everything about the bottle. Then they went together back to Hawaii. Upon arriving home Keawe discovered that his uncle had died and that he had left him a beautiful land at Hookena and exactly enough money to build the home of his dreams. Then Lopaka bought the bottle because keawe didn´t want this bottle anymore. Keawe accepted the good fortune and began living a life of contentment with a house of his dreams . Until he saw a beautiful woman names, Kokua. They wanted to marry. Then the rich Hawaiian went home and saw, that he had Chinese evil. He realized, that he couldn´t marry Kokua in this condition, so he decided that he had to find the magic bottle and must buy it back. Only doing this he become healthy and could marry his love. When he was back in San Francisco a white man had this bottle. But Keawe realized , that the price had dropped dramatically. The owner had paid two cents. Keawe decided that he will marry Kokua and so he bought the bottle for one cent. He wished that he is healthy. Now the Chinese evil was healded, but he always thought at this, that he can´t sell the bottle cheaper an that he must go to hell when he die. Then Keawe married Kokua. He told Kokua all from the beginning and said that he can´t sell the bottle cheaper then one cent. Then Kokua said that they had to go to a country where a penny is not the lowest coin. They went to an Island of France and sold the bottle for four centimes there. Then Kokua bought the bottle from her man with the help of an old man. She told the old man the whole story and that she will buy it back from him after he had bought it. The man bought it for four centime and she bought it for three back. Keawe discovered this and convinces another man to buy it for two centime with the promise, that Keawe will buy it back from him for one centime. The man who shall bought it for Keawe is a greedy and wicked man and as he had the bottle he wouldn´t sell it to Keawe. The wicked man didn´t care that he went to hell, because with this bottle he could wish himself everything he wanted. Now Keawe and Kokua are free and nobody of them must go to hell when he dies.

danke im vorraus lg

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Were you doing oder did you do?

Der Satz: "What WERE YOU DOING between 9 and 12 yesterday ? I WAS CLEANING the house"

Könnte man nicht genauso fragen: "What did you do...yesterday? I was cleaning the house."

Oder wäre dass grammatikalisch Falsch?

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Englisch Grammatik korrektur, hilfe?

Hi, ich muss hier die Worte: because, if, that, when, while einsetzen.

Last week I decided to clean my room...(denke because) it was really dirty. ... (denke if) I was cleaning under my bed, found something horrible. It was an old bar of chocolate... (when)I had left there weeks before. ...(while) I opened the paper, I saw that something had been eating it. I dropped it quickly ...(when) I hate things like mice. ... (if) I was thinking about what to do, Dad came in. ... (when)he saw the chocolate, he got angry. He said that ...(that) the mice got into his room, he would get very angry! (Dad hates mice too.) I spent all morning cleaning my room but I didn't find any mice. Dad didn't get angry and I had a super-clean room for a change.

Vielen Dank

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