English Referat über Media ... :(

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Vom Fragesteller als hilfreich ausgezeichnet

Hier findest massenhaft Themenideen:http://pegasus.cc.ucf.edu/~uwc/Writing%20Resources/Handouts/research_topics.htm#media

Nochmal zu meinem Englisch referat!

Ich muss morgen ein englisch referat halten. Wollte euch mal fragen was ihr dazu so sagt. Ich hoffe jemand von euch hat die gedult den text zu lesen. Mein text ist:

New York is a state in the northeastern from th US. New York has an area of 141.299 square kilometers. With 19.306.183 million people is New York the third populous state in the US. From the 19.306.183 people 66.4% are white, 15.5 % are Afroamericans, 17.3% are Lateinamerikaner, 5.9% are Asians and 0.3% are Indians. The capital of New York is Albany. The largest City of New York is New York City. In New York City is the Statue of Liberty. This is the symbol of New York. The Statue of Liberty of New york is since 1886 in the service. Their official name is: ''Liberty Enligtening the World''. The inside of the 90-meters-high statue can be mounted, her head is hollow. Only since summer, 2009 visitors may have a look from the windows of the crown again. In Manhattan of New York is the Central Park. The Central Park is 4.07 km long and 800 meters wide. The Central Park is also called the green lung of New York.

Danke fürs lesen. Irgendwelche tipps oder verbesserungen?? Danke schonmal :D

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English Referat 5 Min LIVERPOOL oder Chelsea?

Hey! Ich muss ein Referat halten über eine Stadt oder auch ein Stadteil in England und ich weiß nicht was ich nehmen könnte! bitte stimmt bei der Umfrage ab!Ps. Ein paar Bsp. wären nett weil ich bin kein kreativer denker! :3

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Englisch Referat Immigration history of australia Powerpoint?

Immigration of australia 1. Folie Structure first i want to tell how the aborigines came to Australia. after that i tell you why the great Britain took convicts to Australia. At third i tell you something about the gold rush era. My forth theme is about the immigration after ww2. last but not least i tell you something about the refugees in Australia. 2. Folie Aborines The first aborines came from a old continent called sunda with boats over the small sea 70000-30000 ago (bild ist eingeblendet mit den kontineneten) 3. Folie Convicts In great Britain all prisons where full so they took the convicts with ships to Australia. in 1787 11 ships with 1350 people arrived at Sidney cove after few years the convicts where but they can't go back because of this they remained in Sydney and build there own houses and founded a the Australian colony. from 1787 to 1868 165000 arrived in Australia 4. Folie Gold rush era The discovery of gold, beginning in 1851. from 1851-1861 the population had grown from 437,655 to 1.1 million people. the population was high enough to get independent in the year 1901. 5. Folie Immigration After ww2 After ww2 the Australian people was scared that a enemies like Germany or Japan was much stronger than them they self because of this they decided to get more inhabitants. Australia said the hole Europe that they can move to australia to live there. from 1960 the population has grown from 6 million to 24 million in 2015 6 Folie Refugees today because of the wars in Syria and Africa are millions of million people run in saves countries but countries like Australia don't want to pay for the refugees. if a boat full of refugees arrived at the Australian coast the coastguard and the military just send the refugees back.

Verbesserungsvorschläge? (sind nur stichpunkte)

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Wie kann ich ein Social Media Referat spannend gestalten?

Hallo, Ich muss am freitag ein referat über social media halten und möchte das irgendwie spannender gestalten. Einfach etwas machen das niemand anderes macht. Das mein Referat einzigartig wird und den kiddis im kopf bleibt. Hoffe ihr könnt mir helfen. LG Caspal

Ps.: tschuldigung wegen den Rechtschreibfehlern

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English Referat für Quali

 Guten Abend liebe Community,

Das Referat ist über die Stadt New York & in Englisch vor zu tragen.

Es soll ca. 3-4 min. dauern.

New York has spread from the island of Manhattan, and today Manhattan is the center of New York. New Yorks territory includes five boroughs Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens und Staten Islands.  //Allgemeines zu Stadt New York has over 8 million inhabitants. From 1 June 1840 until 1 July 2007, the population increased by approximately 20 times The city is a cultural and artistic center of the American East Coast and beyond in these areas as the world's New York has many attractions, including 500 galleries, 200 museums, 150 theaters and more than 180,000 restaurants // Klima Diagram zegen New York has a temperate climate zone. Summers are generally warm and cold winters. //Bild der Freiheitsstatue zeigen The best-known New York City landmark is the Statue of Liberty it was built from 1875-1886 and on 28 Inaugurated in October 1886. The Statue is over 90 meters high and it consists mostly of copper and iron.  //Auf das Bild vom Metropolitan Museum of Art drauf eingehen It was on 13 Founded in April 1870 and on 20 Opened in February 1872 The collections of American art show, in addition, extensive works of Egyptian, African, Islamic and Asian art, as well as exhibits from the Middle East. Platz ist leider fast zu ende. Mfg

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Englisch referat! :o

ich muss ein referat über st.pauls cathedral machen , es soll kurz sein ; und da ich nicht wirklich gut englisch kann habe ich die frage an euch , ob es so okey ist oder ob ich noch was hinzufügen soll . Also ; hier kommt es ; st. pauls cathedral is one of the largest churches , and the second biggest dome in the world . This building is over 108meters high and more than 350 years old . Christopher Wrem designed this old building . The cathedral is very important for many famous people , because their married there . But a lot of other famous people buried there , too . This is the reason why so many people want to visit the church ; - about 200.000 wisitors each year !

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