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Ich habe auch alle Fehler korrigiert, auch die die im anderen Antwort nicht korrigiert wurden. Ich Hoffe das hilft.

The Jellyfish

Jellyfish belong to the phylum cnidiria. They consist of 99%  water. Their habitat is the ocean. They eat fish, plankton and algae. The
jellyfish moves swiftly with the backstroke principle: with their umbrella they
suck in water and then they  push it away in a contracting
movement. Jellyfish have existed on earth for 500 mio. years. The most
dangerous jellyfish in the world is the Box Jellyfish. Contact can cause fatal
paralysis. They catch their prey with their tentacles, which are filled with
poison. Natural enemies are dolphins, turtles and other jellyfish. They can
reach up to 4 meters. The Jellyfish is a nocturnal animal, and they can live
for as long as 10,000 years. They are transparent and come in many different colors.
The "turritopsis nutricula " is in theory deathless, as old cells get
regulary transferred back into a younger stadium. There are 5 categories of jellyfish:
the anthzoa, hydrozoen, umbrella jellyfish, stauro medusa and thebox Jellyfish.
There are many more species in each of the categories. In favourable conditions
for example less enemies and warm water the Jellyfish can produce ephyrae at a
very fast rate. To date there are about 2500 different species of jellyfish.
The smallest are only few milimeter long. Nonetheless they can also be very
posionous. If you are touched by a poisonous jellyfish, rinse the wound with
salt water or even  better, vinegar and
let it act for 30 minutes. Do not rub it, because it will burst the still
inactive capsules.

The Jellyfish

The Jellyfish belongs to the phylum of the cnidiria. They ... 99% water and habitat in the ocean. They eat other kinds of fishes, plankton and .... The jellyfish moves through the backstroke principle. That means that they suck water in and push it in the ... direction away again. They exist since 500 mio. years. The most dangerous of them is called sea wasp or "Chironex fleckeri". A contact with them has disastrous consequences amongst others paralysis. They catch their prey with their tentacles which are filled with poison. Natural enemies of jellyfishes generally are dolphins, turtles or their own species, other jellyfishes. They can reach up to 4 meters and live more than 10000 years. In addition, the jellyfish is a nocturnal animal.

In total there are 5 categories of jellyfishes: The anthoza, hydrozoen, stauro medusa, sea wasp and the umbrella jellyfish. Under these categories are much more species. The warmer the water is the more species are living in. To date there are about 2500 different species of jellyfishes. Because of good conditions, for example fewer food enemies it can come to explosive multiplications. Also the human kind is not a that big enemy, because jellyfishes can be very poisonous. If you get touched by a poisonous jellyfish rinse it with salt water and let it act for 30 min. Never rub it. That will burst the still inactiv capsules.

Ich habe die Fehler korrigiert und paar Wörter ausgetauscht. Manche Sätze hab ich verschoben weil die an ne andere Stelle besser passen.  Ein guter Tipp für dich ist das Programm "Grammarly". Das ist kostenlos, entdeckt Grammatik- und Rechtschreibfehler und macht dir Vorschläge für bessere Worte.

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