Englischer Text zeitlich, grammtikalisch und sinnlich richtig?

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Vom Fragesteller als hilfreich ausgezeichnet

A half year later (Word Order), everything gets (Zeit) better and better. After this
awful past (Komma) I can be happy again. I have finally accept (Grammatik) the fact (kein Komma) that my dad isn’t here. He have found a new woman and they (wer?) moved away. As (Wort) I called him one day, he seems (Zeit) so happy, as (Wort) he talk (Zeit) about her and his wonderful new life, that I began to cry, after we hang up. He was happy without us, but under tears I had to accepted (Grammar). It was (Zeit) always better to accept and try to deal with it (womit?), so I just do it. I stayed (Zeit) sober now for this half (Formulierung) year and again (Position) I’m so proud (kein Komma) that I destroy my life better (Das ergibt keinen Sinn.), without alcohol, or something like that.

I grap (RS; Zeit) my bag and step (Zeit) out of my house, leaning out into the breeze,
wich (RS) feels  (Zeit) like freedom and the good old times (Wort), when I went to (---) school (---).

I made my way down through the town to come (Wort) to my school,
but suddendly feel (Zeit) the gaze on (Präposition) me. My old friends at school - Steff, Holly and Amelia. (Das ist kein Satz.) Momentary (Wort), I look (Zeit) up to them, but turn (Zeit) my gaze quicky away (Word Order). And then I go (Zeit) past (---). And (kein Satzanfang) smile (Zeit), when I saw my friends, my new
friends, wich (RS; Wort) knows (Grammatik) me, and not (---) sad, depressed and drunken Sal.

Even If my old friends doesn’t have known (Grammatik) about my problems, (---) .. I think (---) the fact (Hier fehlt ein Wort) they are’nt (Grammatik) recognize me those days (Ausdruck), when I was so thin and felt bad, shows me (Komma) that it is (Zeit) a step forward, when I make (Zeit) a fresh start - with new friends, repeating the schoolyear (RS) and yeah .. be a new and better me.

Der Satz ergibt - nicht zuletzt weil er viel zu lang ist - keinen Sinn.

- Bitte kontrolliere deine Zeiten, da geht es drunter und drüber.

Das Fettgedruckte muss korrigiert werden. Ich hoffe, ich habe nichts übersehen.

Für das Vokabular und die Rechtschreibung empfehle ich ein gutes (online) Wörterbuch, z.B. pons.com,

für die Grammatik ego4u.de und englisch-hilfen.de - und Finger weg vom Google Übelsetzer und seinen tr.tteligen Kollegen!.


Oha .. okay Dankeschön, für diese direkte Hilfe. 

Jetzt abgesehen von den ganzen Seiten - Wie schafft man es nur, einen Text wirklich so fehlerfrei wie möglich hinzubekommen? 


Um ehrlich zu sein, mit dem Text ist so viel grammatikalisch falsch und einige Rechtschreibfehler sind auch drin, ich müsste den ganzen Text neu schreiben, das wäre keine Korrektur mehr. Tut mir Leid, aber das ist grammatikalisch einfach ein Wirr. Ich finde du solltest nochmal von vorne anfangen und den Text ins Reine schreiben und dabei immer überlegen, welche Zeitform du brauchst und ob du z. B. bei "he" und "she" das Verb abändern musst. Solche Sachen. 

"My friends and me" oder "My friends and I"?

Muss meine Bewerbung mit Fotos und der Beschreibung abschicken. Auf einem Foto bin ich mit Freunden zu sehen. Muss ich dann schreiben : My friends and I oder : My friends and me ??? bitte um schnelle Hilfe :)

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englisch tagebucheintrag?

Dear diary, Why, why, why? How should I start? Maybe like this: Dear diary, today, it was the best day in my life by now? I’m feeling very, very, very good? Or I believe I can fly? But no. That would be a lie. A big lie. Better I can write something like that: Dear diary, I’m feeling so bad. My whole life. My whole life will never be the same again? I try to understand why it happened. Why or how did it happen that he react like that? And why do I feel like this now? Maybe I can understand it better when I write it down and think about it. Because I don’t want to be in a situation like this in the moment. Never in life! So first. Do you still know Rob? I’ve told you form this person. Last time. Only good things. But now, you can forget all these things. Or the most of them. So. We wanted to go away. Move to London. Only the two of us. We wanted to live and work there but that was before I noticed that I was pregnant. I told him that I was pregnant, of course. Directly. Although I was extremely afraid of his reaction. And I was right. He said that he wasn’t ready to be a father. Yes I know. But I wasn’t ready to become a mother, too. And I must say. Who is ready to be a mom or a dad with 23? Indeed, an abortion was no question for me! He could go to work. Get the money. Maybe we could marry soon. (At this time I was optimistic. To optimistic.) I tried to change Robs mind. Somehow. That he says yes. Of course. It’s okey. I’ll look after our baby and help you. At last Rob and me we both are guilty. But. No. Of course. He kept saying: “What about my life and my choice?” He thought, we would fight all the time. And an abortion was the best option in our situation. But finally it is my body, my life. So it’s my choice. My choice of I want an abortion or not. All in all he doesn’t came clear (er kam nicht damit klar) that I don’t want to rid of our baby. So he left me. In the 4th month. Pregnant! From that time I don’t speak to him anymore. I hate him for that that he left me alone with the baby. With OUR baby. He said now he feel really guilty about it. But. Yes of course! I only never noticed it before! He was egoistic like a selfish monster which doesn’t care about anyone other. Except him! I don’t think that he think only one time!! Only one time what I’m feeling now. And… No okey I don’t want to become absorbed in this part. So I don’t want to get money from him. He isn’t the father of my daughter. He is only the one who made me pregnant. Now I’m living with my parents. And I really don’t know what I would do without them…

richtige zeit? oder hat jemand verbesserungsvorschläge?

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Kann mir jemand den deutschen songtext in deutsch übersetzten, bitte?

I never noticed how my heart could beat so loud When I think of you And I can't focus now, got my head up in the clouds When I think of you My heart's so lost in all the chaos It's got me crazy With the spell you cast, it all happened so fast Goodbye to loneliness And when I close my eyes, you play like a movie in my mind

You are the star of my daydreams Everything you are is my reverie Can you feel my heart when you're moving closer and closer and You are the star of my daydreams Everything you are is my reverie Can you feel my heart when you're moving closer and closer? Oh I think that we, that we were meant to be

Everything you do is so fresh and brand new That I can't help This crush on you, I wanna be the breakthrough Kind of love to you Sparks are flying like butterflies and I'm so high On the spell you cast, it all happened so fast Goodbye to loneliness And when I close my eyes, you play like a movie in my mind And I wanna rewind, over and over a thousand times

You are the star of my daydreams Everything you are is my reverie Can you feel my heart when you're moving closer and closer and You are the star of my daydreams Everything you are is my reverie Can you feel my heart when you're moving closer and closer? Oh I think that we, that we were meant to be

Oh I think that we, that we were meant to be Oh I think that we, that we were meant to be

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Kann mir jemand dieses Summary korrigieren?

The text 'A life in the day' is written by a 27 years-old man who called Skinnyman and lives in north London. It's a interview in which he describe his course of his day. First he tells that he is addicted to cannabis. He provides the dealer, who make money with the addicts. Because the addicts have'nt got money, they were get guns from dealers to get money for the drugs. His lifestyle is'nt normal, because he don't go sleep when it'snormal. It is indifferent when he sleeps and when he wakes up. Also he mentions that he gets a record deal. He loves music and mostly he writes his lyrics in the night, when he has the best ideas. Because of his record deal he has many haters in the ghetto. Most of the people are jealous because thay think that Skinnyman has money, but it isn't the truth. His life is very problematic. He has often problems with the police and other authorities. But it doesn't cares him. He thinks that only his father can tell him what to do, but he left him and his mother early. Also he explains that all his friends went to prison, so he decides to go another way. Nevertheless he have to go to prison for 2 years, but he did 12 months. The reason for that was a conflict with a memeber of London Underground staff. In conclusion he did it and now he wants to held other young kids. So all in all he loves this place, because it's his home. Therefore he doesn't want to leave.

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Kann mir jemand korrigieren? googleübersetzer vertrauue ich nicht. wäre echt lieb..?

i want someone to love me but if he just ends up breaking my heart like everyone else its not gonna be worth it but how do u know until u try and like. I like him but idk im scared because last time i got that whole "im not gonna hurt you" bullshit but still happened

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Kann mir jemand dieses summary von "A message from the Pig-man" korrigieren?

habe eine summary zum text a message from the pig-man von john wain geschrieben, wäre nett wenn ihr eure meinung dazu äußern würdet und ggf fehler verbessern könntet oder zumindest sagen, wo sie sind :)

The story „A Message from the Pig-man“, written by John Wain, is about a 6-year old boy named Eric, which has many questions he would like to ask but is afraid to do so.

Eric is the son of newly divorced parents. He has no siblings and his mum has a new boyfriend named Donald. He has difficulty with the new circumstances and does not understand why his father had to leave just because Donald moved in. He also does‘nt mind sharing his room in order for his dad to have the spare room. He is afraid of the pig-man and avoids him. He imagines the pig-man as a man who looks like a pig. One day, his mother asks him to catch the pig-man to bring him the scarps. First he was afraid, but when he sees the pig-man he realizes that the pig-man is a normal person and finally understands that the people call him pig-man, because he has some pigs that he looks after. Eric is no longer afraid of asking questions. When he comes home, he asks his mother why his father can‘t stay with them but his mother does‘nt answer him. Now he thinks that grown-ups are very silly and he hates them all.

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