Englischer Text, Fehler Zeichensetzung und Formulierung?

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Ich glaube es heißt 'i wish hard ' anstatt 'much' und 'time' anstatt 'the Time '. Aber sonst passts.

Ich glaub' was anderes. Wollen wir abstimmen und der/die mit den meissten Stimmen hat recht?


My brain says "Let her go. She's just hurting you. Again, again and again! You don't have a chance", but there's still my heart bringing to my head again, again and again that I love her, that I need her, that I can't live without her.

Sadly, their are both right.

I need her as much as the air I breathe - I can neither survive, nor live without her. Everyday I was waking up looking forward to seeing you, but now that I know that you're so far from me, that I can't even talk to you without feeling ashamed of the things I've done, I'm just lying in bed unable to close my eyes, unable to find rest. But I don't want to stand up, though, I want to dream for it's the only way to be with you.

Each day I'm hoping that you'll change your mind, that you'll leave the past behind and come back to me. It is not more than just daydreaming.

If I had one wish, I swear it's my only one, I would use it to turn back time.

they're, their, there


Z. 8&9 geben so nicht den Sinn wieder: sie kann zwar überleben, aber nicht leben. Lg :)


Sry, war spät in der Nacht. Es heißt natürlich they're both right. Désolé.


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